The iFeng 4S Is An Apple-Inspired Chinese Hairdryer, But Is It Good Enough To Dry Steve Jobs’s Hair?



Earlier in his life, Steve Jobs was known for his dark mop of hair, but later in life, the onset of male pattern baldness meant that Steve kept his hair closely and fashionably cropped. In other words, it didn’t exactly take that long to dry when he climbed out of the shower in the morning.

So we’re puzzled by the existence of this limited edition Chinese hairdryer, the so-called ‘iFeng 4S’ (Feng means “wind” in Chinese). It comes from a small home appliance company in Chaozhou,and only 100 9.7 watt units are available for sale for a little under $100 yuan (or about $16).

A kooky collector’s item for the well-coiffed Apple fan, sure. But we somehow doubt this is the hairdryer Steve Jobs would have used.

[via MIC Gadget]