Taiwanese TV Commercial Shows ‘Steve Jobs’ with Halo and Wings



A TV commercial in Taiwan shows an actor dressed like Steve Jobs, but with wings and a halo, onstage introducing a new product. It’s not an Apple product, but a competitor to the iPad called the “Action Pad” from Action Electronics.

In the ad, the translation says: Introducing the next generation of the pad.” The commercial closes with the line: “Thank God, I can finally play another pad.”

A spokeswoman for the company said that the ad is not meant to exploit the death of Steve Jobs or make fun of him.

What do you think?


  • Jonathon Wilson

    There is no video or link…

    Also this new design is really terrible, feels really cold and bare.

    Edit: Ok links here now, why don’t you finish the links and media before posting?!

  • CharlesWilliamIII

    I Think I agree with Jonathan.

    The new design of the website looks like a 15 year old and his Mac with iWeb.

    Go back to the previous design… Sometimes we fail, you just got to start back where you succeeded.

  • FriarNurgle

    Ad is in very poor taste. 

  • prof_peabody

    link doesn’t work. 

  • Jdsonice

    Really! They are not trying to cash in on Steve Job’s charisma ? Really. I guess the rest of world must be dumb.

  • ZeeKazim

    The first one does:

  • Danny Bloom

    Mike i broke the JOBS TAIWAN TV ad story on Jan. 21 and sent tip to CULTOFMAC, no credit to me as legwork?
    Jan. 21 and Jan 22. i posted video ad and story……at least credit the original sourc for all this:
    my YT channle here too on Jan, 21 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  • Danny Bloom

    Mike i broke the JOBS TAIWAN TV ad story on Jan. 21 and sent tip to Nicole martine at CULTOFMAC, no credit to me as legwork?
    Jan. 21 and Jan 22. i posted ad and story……at least credit
    my YTube channel MrDanBloom here too on Jan, 21 youtube-

  • Danny Bloom

    “I am grateful to local Taiwan personality Dan Bloom, who unearthed thisspectacle and sent it to me.” writes Chris Matyszczyk  at Cnet, the only reporter
    so far to give source credit to the first responder on this story:
    ”Bloom tells me that the impersonator is a local comedian calledAh-Ken. However, PC Wrld managed to secure a quote from ActionElectronics to the effect that no fun is being had here.”

  • Danny Bloom

    ”There may, indeed, be cultural nuances shimmering in the winds here. On the other hand, there may simply be a venal attempt to sell an inferior product on the back of the recent death of the world’s most famous tech icon.” concluded Chris Matyszczyj at Cnet piece with hedline:
    ”Taiwan tablet ad misplays Steve Jobs halo effect” — DAN BLOOM ON THE GROUND IN TAIWAN SAYS: I think this was just a case of cultural and religious differences East and West and no intentional brouhaha was meant by the creatives who put the ad together for a Taiwanese audience. In fact, the Taiwanese people love the ad, and think it is FUNNY and CUTE and KUSO. ”And never the Mark Twain shall meat!” SIGH.

  • Danny Bloom

    MIke, some good questions on all THIS is what we all need to learn here: re: “What do you think about the commercial? **Harmless or **hurtful? Do you think Action Electronics was being ***intentionally rude or do you feel it’s a ***homage to the tech juggernaut? Let us know what you think …

    and Mike, as a longtime resident of Taiwan since 1991, but still an expat here, I think I can say that the creative team that made the ad was NOT BEING INTENTIONALY RUDE. This is just Taiwanese humor at work, and it does not translate very well overseas. But NO HARM was meant or intended. It was sort of an homage, yes, good point! Most of my Taiwan friends here tell me they love the ad and see nothing wrong with it. So, East is East and West is West etc. But no mean harm was intended. Taiwan is a great country with great people! But this ad could be a learning curve for Taiwan admakers too!

  • Dan Bloom

    saysa a top reporter in Tawian re the question of whether the TV ad will now get pulled as offense to foreign viewers and not good PR for Taiwan? Reporter tells me ”Thanks Dan Bloom and I’ll ask the action Electronics people … lot of adverse reaction out there, I
    guess mostly from the true disciples of Christi-Apple-ity…”