The Next iPod Nano Will Probably Let You Snap Pictures [Report]



Apple did nothing towards changing the design of the iPod nano last September, but it could have something special up its sleeve for this year’s refresh. A series of images that have surfaced in Taiwan revived rumors the next device will feature a 1.3-megapixel camera, allowing you to snap impromptu photos while you’re on your morning run.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an iPod nano with what appears to be a camera. Back in April 2010, the same Taiwanese site,, posted the first images of the device with a cutout in its casing to allow for a camera. Though at the time, many dismissed the possibility of Apple introducing this feature to the tiny device.

A second image surfaced a month later, showing the iPod nano from a different angle, alongside claims that the cutout in its casing would accommodate a 1.3-megapixel camera. Today, the site has provided even more images, this time of the casing in more detail, and from a number of angles.

As you can clearly see, the iPod nano’s casing has been modified to feature a camera in the top corner, while maintaining the same clip-on design it currently sports. The camera lens appears to protrude from the casing, but it fits flush against the device’s clip. This design is likely necessary to fit a camera inside the device, without modifying its current form.

It’s unclear whether Apple will actually release this device, or whether it is simply a prototype that never made it to market. After all, it has been floating around for some time without an official unveiling from the Cupertino company. But it’s certainly a possibility.

The previous iPod nano, which featured a much larger form factor, boasted a low-resolution video camera that many users miss in the latest iteration.

[via MacRumors]

  • supertino

    Here is my prediction: The next nano is going to be more of a “smart watch” than a traditional iPod nano. It will be designed to be wearable and share data with iOS devices via bluetooth.

  • efforting

    Bluetooth first, then a better processor and battery for video, then a FRONT facing camera, in that order.

  • itkito

    new iPod nano with wifi inside to sync with iTunes wireless. and camera.

  • Daniel Ploeger

    Saw this a year back, before the current nano was introduced, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this wouldn’t become the new one.

  • facebook-100000670318505

    I am sorry for asking but am I the only one who has seen those photos before ??

  • TeamApple

    Your not alone, I swear I’ve seen these pictures before too!