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Cult of Mac Readers Show Us Where They Blog [Gallery]



Are you following Cult of Mac on Instagram yet? If not, you probably should because it’ll change your entire Instagram experience from “kinda cool” to “insanely amazing.” Last week we asked readers to show us where you spend your time blogging or surfing the web. You guys took to Instagram and Twitter and showered us with photos revealing small glimpses into your digital lives. There was a lot of great photos to sort through but here are the ones that we thought stood out the most.

We love Andreas Nilsson’s lighting in this picture of his blogging tools.


Instagram user grijalva keeps a Bamboo drawing tablet with his Mac at all times.


Comfort is a must when blogging, so julieelise swapped out a desk chair for a more comfortable seat.


Teaching a cat how to read [via Sarah Ramsingh)


John Brownlee devines a lot of blogging inspiration via his parakeet.


The simplicity of Supabaz’s setup makes us pine for less clutter in the office


Chris Foresman from Ars Technica shows us where the magic of his Apple articles come into being

Matt blogs with a big ass Eiffel Tower picture in the background


Canon and Macbook from Carnivalous


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