Apple Releases ‘Significant’ Update For Final Cut Pro X To Add Multicam Editing, XML Support, More


Apple has some huge improvements for Final Cut Pro X in store for this year.
Apple has some huge improvements for Final Cut Pro X in store for this year.

Apple has issued what it describes a “significant” update to its Final Cut Pro X software today, adding a number of features that many users missed with the initial release. Those features include multicam editing, XML support, advanced chroma editing, and more.

The 10.0.3 update is available to download now from the Mac App Store, and was accompanied by an Apple press release which reads:

Apple today released Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3, a significant update to its revolutionary professional video editing application, which introduces multicam editing that automatically syncs up to 64 angles of video and photos; advanced chroma keying for handling complex adjustments right in the app; and enhanced XML for a richer interchange with third party apps and plug-ins that support the fast growing Final Cut Pro X ecosystem. Available today as a free update from the Mac App Store, Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3 also includes a beta of broadcast monitoring that supports Thunderbolt devices as well as PCIe cards.

The company’s press release also talks about some of the third-party add-ons that have arrived since Final Cut Pro X was launched seven months ago, such as the new 7toX application from Intelligent Assistance, which uses XML to import Final Cut 7 projects into the latest release.

Final Cut Pro X is available to purchase for $299.99 from the Mac App Store. News users can take advantage of a free 30-day trial before they commit to their purchase, which is available to download through the Apple website.

  • volodoscope

    This update adds more complex features. Very nice.

  • Roland

    Is the App Store the only way to update FCP X?

  • Christian Henning

    Its still only Imovie on steroids… O well my edit suite and most of the post houses i deal with are almost all now back to be Avid only. 

  • Andreas Sørensen

    too little too late im afraid, everyone has moved on to avid and premiere, which is also sad since Final Cut 7 is an awesome flexible editing suite. Final Cut X is locked down tight, it has some nice features, but is nowhere near a proper studio editing app!

  • saudio

    Actually, we’ve got 5-Avid systems in our facility (Media Composer and Symphony) and still have an FCP suite, and just updated to Pro X because of the BluRay authoring. It’s not going to look like previous versions because “Apple re-wrote it”! New learning curves… Almost like major updates in Avid.

  • Commonman

    Something I’m sure they’ll regret down the road when you’re paying $800-$2500 the Adobe/Avid tax every update. As a stand alone editing system FCP X took some time to get understand but this is such a forward thinking editing application that most of the “cable henhouse” editors and production facilities don’t have the time to train the chickens cause the eggs need to keep cranking out the factory. If FCP Suite 3 worked fine before, why all of a sudden everyone migrates to Adobe’s Premiere or Avid. I’ve been editing professionally for over 35 years and find FCP X to be the future. Once you understand it’s logic then this tool becomes much more valuable than any other editing system I’ve encountered. Really, how long will “tape” be around? I haven’t been this excited since the Avid S100, and we all know what the industry had to say about that. But they soon caught up. I give it maybe 2 to 3 years and it’s be back on top but anyone referring to it as “iMovie on steroids” hasn’t really worked with it long enough to understand it.