It’s Over: All iPhone 4S Models Are Now “In Stock” At


Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 11.20.42 AM

Well, the shortage finally appears to be over: a quick check of Apple’s online iPhone 4S order page shows that all models of iPhone 4S are “in stock” and available for immediate dispatch for the first time since the device’s debut in October.

  • Spike Ennis

    OMG, its the end of Apple.  Sales of the iPhone 4s are slouching so bad that Apple can finally keep up.   What is the world coming to??

    The next thing you know, Android makers will standardize on a version of phone and not make a new and different shinny POS every 4 months.   Hmmm, maybe that will happen on 12-21-2012…. LOL 

  • poppa1138

    all models in stock,but have we crossed the sucker line for buying a iPhone 4s with rumour the iPhone 5 may be outed about June?

  • pollix

    Excellent news!  I’m upgrading from my 3GS model, so I know I won’t have to wait to get my hands on a 4S.  As far as rumors of the iPhone 5, I really don’t care.  If I wait for a 5, then rumors of the 6 will be right on its heels.  I’ll always be waiting for that next best model.  I’ll wear out the current phone I have (in this case the 3GS which was a really good phone!  If it had a forward facing camera, I wouldn’t replace it!) and get a new 4S next month!