Retro Heaven: Bill Gates’s 1980s Game Donkey Returns For iOS [Review]



Back in 1981, Bill Gates co-wrote a PC game called Donkey, commonly known (as some apps were back in those days) by its filename, DONKEY.BAS. If you’re old enough to remember those days and old enough to yearn for them, you might enjoy playing Donkey all over again on your iPhone.

If you’re not that old, be warned now: Donkey comes from a simpler, more primitive age. Angry Birds it isn’t.

The premise is this: you’re driving this car and there are zombie donkeys on the road. Don’t crash into them. Tap to change lanes. That’s it.

OK, there’s a little bit of modern technology tucked in behind the scenes, particularly Game Center support. But other than that, this is about as retro as gaming gets.

Your kids will probably hate it. But if you remember 1981 with fondness, you’ll probably think it’s worth a dollar for the memories alone.

[xrr rating=70%]