Microsoft Just Bought Wisconsin Students 1,400 iPads As Penance For Their Profiteering



Insult, meet injury. Microsoft has just inadvertently ended up buying 1,400 iPads to schools in Madison, Wisconsin. Bet they wish they were Windows 8 tablets instead.

Here’s the skinny. Back in 2009, Microsoft reached a settlement with the state of Wisconsin for about $80 million, the end result of a lawsuit claiming that Microsoft had cheated consumers by overpricing their software.

With this $80 million windfall in hand, the state set about trying to figure out what to do with it, and in December, the school board approved a plan to divide $2.1 million of the settlement among the schools.

With Madison’s share of the money, the schools decided to buy about 600 iPads for students this year and another 800 iPads next year. After all, what makes more sense than to use the money gained from a lawsuit concerning overpriced software than to spend it on the iPad, a device where the average app costs just a couple of bucks?

[via Wisconsin State Journal]