Babiis: Keeping Families Together from Across the Miles [Macworld / iWorld 2012]



SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD / IWORLD 2012 – The final day of Macworld / iWorld was my fifth day away from my wife, daughter and son, and despite spending time around technology that I’m passionate about and in a city that is as awesome as advertised, I was a little homesick.

That’s why when I came across a pod that demonstrated an app that may very well help me in the future when I am spending days away from my family, I was all ears. Babiis is the missing piece in my “travel puzzle” going forward.

Babiis is an innovative iPad app that allows for family members to communicate with their kids from across the miles. The app boasts a “revolutionary asynchronous video messaging system”, knows as the Baby Messenger. What this does is allow a parent like myself the ability to record a message for my kids and then they can watch it later – and it records their reaction to the video so that I can watch it the next time I open Babiis. Parents can create a small circle of trusted people who can do this as well, and all of those people will be represented by photos. That way my son – who doesn’t get to see his grandparents very often – would be able to learn to recognize them by face and corresponding voice.

There’s more to Babiis than just that. There’s educational games built-in and you can enhance the overall experience with the in-app purchases offered.

This app could be the tipping point in our picking up a second iPad for the household. We have family scattered all over the country, and this is a great way for my kids to keep connected with their loved ones on an ongoing basis – provided they have iPads, of course.

Babiis gives little ones their first online experiences…and in a truly fascinating way. Babiis is now available for free in The App Store.

  • Red Rock Lobster

    I tried this and found it one of the most unintuitive pieces of software on any platform I’ve ever seen.  I use plenty of software on Macs and iOS, and was completely unable to figure out how to set this up for various relatives.  Sure I could add “Grandmother”, etc, but I had no idea how to attach her to an existing contact, let alone network her in so she could send a video, etc.  And if I couldn’t do it, there’s certainly no way my mother, let alone my grandmother could.  Extremely poorly thought out, and hard to believe CoM is recommending this.

  • Benjamin Bellity

    Hello Red Lock Lobster, 
    First of all let me introduce myself. I’m benjamin bellity, Babiis’ CEO. 

    I first want to say thank you for your honesty, I understand what you’ve been through, and I want to say that improving the user experience is our main concern right now.

    What Mike Vardy talked about is an idea, a concept that we discovered and are trying to build for everyone. It takes a lot of time to do so, and no 1st version is ever perfect, and no 1st version is ever released soon enough

    But honestly, the features that I demonstrated at the MacWorld (January 26, release date of the 1st version) are working. I really wanted the people who were there to have the chance to download and try it directly, the same way I showed them.

    It was maybe too innocent of me, but I didn’t think that some people like Mike would say such amazing stuff about our App, and that it would induce 1000 people downloading the App in 2 days. Let’s say it was more of a demo App for people I showed it too.

    Whatever, I’m having a new version released within next week, I hope we’ll have the chance to get your trust back with it. Also, I’d be glad to add you as a beta tester if you’d like to.

    One last thing if I may, 
    It’s my guess you know about Apps, and I’ll also guess you know a bit about building them, and how complex it can be, and, correct me if I’m wrong but you also gave the same comment about us in the AppStore.
    So I’ll just say I’m wondering why would someone try so hard to hurt a very new company, with young people trying to do something good for people, especially for families and babies… 

    I’ll be glad to pursue with this discussion whenever you want.
    Best regards