Ten One Design’s Magnus Is An iPad 2 Stand As Clever As Your Smart Cover



Apple’s excellent innovation of lining the sides of the iPad 2 with magnets is one that is distressingly uncapitalized upon by accessory makers. Oh, sure, a few case makers slap a magnet into their iPad 2 case to turn the screen on and off, but where’s the imagination?

That’s why I’m so pleased by the idea of the Magnus. It’s an iPad 2 stand that uses the magnets inside the tablet’s hinge to keep itself upright on your desk. Brilliant!

Filled with neodymium magnets and carved from aluminum, Ten One’s Magnus is utterly minimalistic little bar until your iPad 2 gets close, at which point the magic of magnetism locks it onto your tablet’s hinge and makes it into a proper stand, allowing your iPad to seemingly lean upright with no visible support.

Of course, the Magnus isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got a case, for example, the stand won’t work. Even so, if you like lugging around your iPad 2 without protection, you could do worse than something this lovely, minimalistic and well made, especially at a price of just $50.

  • Blake Beavers

    It looks nice, but my smart cover has the exact same ability and doubles as a screen protector and keyboard stand…

  • prof_peabody

    Very nice.  The only reason I wouldn’t buy one is because the new iPad is almost out and there is no guarantee it will fit. 

  • Srose428

    Beautiful design, 8+ months late.  Hope they can retrofit it for the 3rd Gen when it comes out.

  • GJNilsen

    Macrumors wrote about this thing last week. No charging or sync makes it way too pricey. The smart cover does the same even better.

  • Daniel Harris

    Looks very impractical to me. For one thing I think if you poked it much when using the touch screen that you would easily push it enough to break the magnetic connection and make it fall over. Secondly you can’t use it in portrait mode.

    A simple stand with a lip that comes around the front to hold it in place is much better.

  • Alex

    So John,  did they give you one  for free or why you trying to convince people that $50 for a small piece of recycled aluminium is cheap ? Because lets face that’s all its and all that’s what it will be if next iPad changes its design.

  • timoftelaur

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  • Dilbert A

    Love the aluminum, but it’s too pricey an limited.

    I’m loving the Bluelounge stand right now.

  • Dilbert A

    Love the aluminum, but it’s too pricey an limited.

    I’m loving the Bluelounge stand right now.