Daily Show Comedian Talks About His Love Of GTD Software [Macworld / iWorld 2012]



SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD / IWORLD 2012 — One of the highlights on the agenda on the second day of this year’s expo is the appearance of Rob Corddry (The Daily Show, Childrens Hospital) for a live recording of the popular Mac Power Users podcast. Both he and Merlin Mann of 43Folders fame were in fine form during the 45 minute session led by podcast hosts David Sparks and Katie Floyd.

The theme of the episode revolved around Corddry’s workflow, including the tools he uses to get his work done and some of the strategies he employs to keep on top of his myriad projects.

The room was packed with fans of both the podcast and the panelists, as Corddry discussed tools like TextExpander (the popular time-saving text shortening application) and OmniFocus that are key components in his workflow. Corddry discovered David Allen’s popular GTD philosophy through OmniFocus. Both he and Mann expressed their love for the robust application, which allows users to manage projects, tasks and much more from their Mac or iOS devices.

In terms of hardware, Mann mentioned that his iPad usage has slipped a bit because of the new form factor of the smaller MacBook Air and Corddry agreed, adding that the Air seems to weigh “about the same”.

Corddry explained that he wasn’t alone in his fondness for Apple. He revealed that his former Daily Show colleagues Ed Helms and Stephen Colbert are really into Apple, much to the delight of the crowd. Floyd hinted that perhaps it might be time for Colbert to make an appearance on the podcast — something I’m sure any Apple fan would love to listen to.

The real takeaway of the episode — which should be posted online within days of the live recording — is that ultimately the tools should help you get the work done and shouldn’t be the work itself. And the tools that Corddry uses are definitely Apple-centric.

When this episode becomes available to those who weren’t here live, be sure to give it a listen. It’s rare that a podcast can be both informative and entertaining all in one go.