Mac Hajj: The Typical Experience



After my story last week about pilgrimages to Apple’s HQ, Mac loyalist Jonas Hallen wrote to tell of his all-too-common experience of visiting the mothership.

He writes:

“In March 2002 Alexander Ruas (Sweden), Jesse McBride (U.S) and I (Sweden) did our Haij to Infinite Loop 1. We took our picture and seconds later a security guard sent us off the premises. We didn’t feel too bad about it, though. Apple has never been ‘service-minded’ in the common sense, and a part of being a Mac Geek is living through the company’s lack of commitment, disinterest and sheer abuse of it’s most loyal fan base.”

Jonas Hallen and friends asked to leave

He added:

If Apple decided to open Infinite Loop to visitors or even arrange for a museum, it would be a flagrant breach of tradition and I would then feel obliged to follow the wise words of Groucho Marx:

‘I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.'”

  • micke funke

    well, well, jonas…personally I’d rather go to Disney World than to the HQ of a corporation, but sure, a museum would be appropriate…maybe start one up in sweden, eh?

  • Cafferns

    You crazy Swedes!

  • Victor Agreda, Jr.

    Ha! Yeah, that pretty much sums up the experience: bum rush the entrance, get shooed off property. I pity the landscaper who has to deal with the foot traffic around their sign out front (the red apple logo one), it’s impossible to keep anything alive there… But to see the real abuse he should try walking up to Google’s campus…

  • Mackie

    When I went to visit Apple in Cupertino (I was just passing through and though I’d drop by) noone told me to get out of the building, they gave me a little Apple badge and I ended up in the store. Obviously they won’t let you inside…