This Is The Ultimate Steve Jobs Tattoo, But Feel Free To Show Us Yours



Getting ink inspired by your favorite company is a huge commitment. Our Portuguese friend Francisco decided he was ready to take the plunge and recently got this Steve Jobs portrait inked on his forearm.  We’ve seen quite a few Apple tattoos over the years but Francisco’s is one of the best.

So what would compel someone to get a Steve Jobs portrait tattoo?

“I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that Steve Jobs was my hero and an amazing human being. Man, I loved him! .He has surely inspired me, he will, for life.  I can’t really find proper words to describe what I felt about him.  You can call me a ‘crazy one’ —I think that is what I really am. I’m crazy but aware of things. As an Apple and Steve Jobs fan, I can only happen to say that, Steve Jobs was probably one of the most important people in my life and I will never forget him. He’ll be missed.  I want to share this with the world unpretentiously; that is truly my main purpose here.”

Do you have an Apple or Jobs inspired tattoo? We’d love to see it and hear your story too, so send us an email.