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Pixelbit Teases Reckless Racing 2 With Second Trailer



Earlier this week, we confirmed that Pixelbit is set to launch a successor to its popular top-down arcade racer Reckless Racing. The title is set to hit the App Store next week on February 2, and just in case you weren’t already excited enough, its developers have released a second teaser trailer.

The first, included in our last post, was only 16 seconds long. This one, however, lasts a good minute, and demonstrates the title’s impressive visuals, and its new game modes.

24 tracks are included in Reckless Racing 2, all of which are said to be longer that those features in its predecessor. There will also be 18 cars to choose from, which can be customized in both appearance and performance with parts purchased from the in-game shop. Touch Arcade also reports that there’s a new single-player campaign.