Hands On: FavorIt Helps You and Your Friends Find Great Apps [Macworld / iWorld 2012]



SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/IWORLD 2012 — As you walk the exhibit floor here at Moscone West, there are the much larger booths that make up the bulk of what you’ll see. But there are also some of the smaller booths — known as “pods” — that a lot of the mobile apps are housed in. There’s plenty of iOS apps being featured in this area of the hall, and plenty to discover.

One of my favourite apps I’ve found here is called — oddly enough — FavorIt, an app that lets you and your friends share what their favourite apps are with one another.

The way FavorIt works is that you connect to your friends via Facebook, and you then decide what your top 5 apps are. You can decide on these apps either by how much you use them or how much you like them; there’s no right way to rank them. You can move the apps around on the list as you see fit and your friends can see what you’re using and check them out based on your own recommendation — and you can do the same with what your friends are using.

If you’ve ever used the app Stamped, FavorIt essentially does for apps what Stamped does for music, movies, restaurants and the like. FavorIt can be your one-stop shop for checking out the apps that your friends are endorsing. There’s a trust there that you just don’t get from ratings in The App Store — with FavorIt you know where the ratings are coming from. There’s a value there in both saving time…and perhaps even money.

FavorIt is available for free in The App Store now.