Today’s Stupidest “Exclusive Report” Says Apple’s Siri-Controlled iTV Will Arrive By April [Uh, No.]



The hope of a new Apple product on the horizon tends to make tech blogs a little fanciful, sometimes even delusional, so it’s hard to fault Techno Buffalo too much for their “exclusive” report that an Apple-made OLED HDTV with Siri functionalities — the much talked about iTV — is coming out “this April, or possibly May at the latest.” Hey, we all get carried away from time to time.

That said, TechnoBuffalo’s report isn’t too be trusted. In fact, it’s total bullshit. Here’s why.

According to TechnoBuffalo, their “high-ranking source within a major electronics retailer” claims they have seen “gorgeous, very thin” pre-production versions of the much fabled Apple iTV. It’ll support Siri, as well as “facial recognition software” that will allow the device to automatically detect and turn itself off when someone leaves the room.

They say it will be an OLED display with panel sizes up to 42-inches, and launch in April, or maybe May, they aren’t entirely sure. Whatever.

In addition:

Our source said Apple is exploring the notion of using the set to control other connected devices in the home; think along the lines of ovens that pre-heat while you’re watching TV before dinner, and garage doors that can be closed by voice command while you sit on the couch.

So this is all well and good, and sounds like quite a device. But unfortunately, TechnoBuffalo’s report is laughable nonsense.

Why? First of all, an Apple iTV shipping in April or May is impossible for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s too close to the iPad 3’s late March / early April release date: Apple’s not going to subvert the launch of one new product by launching a more expensive one at the exact same time. That’s why Apple ships the iPad six months away from the iPhone now.

How do we know the iPad 3 will ship in late March? Easy. We have reputable reports that it has entered production as of early January. It takes time to build enough units to launch in March… which raises another reason why TechnoBuffalo’s report is suspect, to say the least. If the Apple iTV was shipping in April, it’d be entering production right now, but there are no reports suggesting that’s the case.

Finally, TechnoBuffalo’s source is supposedly “highly-placed” in a major electronics retailer. That’s all you need to read to know that their source is talking out of his ass. Apple isn’t going to be carting around their iTV prototype to Best Buy to work out a distribution deal. They are going to keep it secret until the last minute and then sell it directly through their network of Apple retail outlets first, then gradually expand to other big boxes over time. In other words, they will sell it the exact same way they sell every other product they have made in the last ten years. But major electronics retailers are absolutely not going to get a heads-up about the iTV before Tim Cook himself announces it.

So nice try, TechnoBuffalo, but I think we can safely say you got burned on a bum report. And hey, if I’m wrong, and the iTV does ship before mid-May, well, I’m sure me and Techno Buffalo can come to an arrangement about something disgustingly symbolic that I can eat to show that I was wrong.

  • tiresius

      Let’s see, Brownlee alleges the rumor is bogus, but nonetheless goes ahead and publishes it.  So now Search Engines will pick it up, spread it around, etc., giving it more validity than it ever deserves.  Just like all the other rumors that CoM continues to post.
      Between rumors, jailbreaks, games, headphone reviews, and now Cult of Android junk, I’m beginning to think it is time to find a different source of my Mac info.

  • jon4lakers

    John, let’s make a friendly wager.  I stand by the story, but can understand your skepticism.  Your call on the terms. 

  • prof_peabody

    This sounds like the “reputable source” just saw some unknown panels in the background while touring a factory and leaped to ridiculous conclusions.” 

    Also, Rettinger is clearly an egomaniac based on the website, so there is likely to be a heck lot of opinion and other puffery in there.  

  • Aj Tk427

    But Brownlee is master of rumors… 

  • Aj Tk427

    1.) “as well as “facial recognition software” that will allow the device to automatically detect and turn itself off when someone leaves the room.”

    That is totally not Apple design, what if you were just getting up to go take a piss, you don’t necessarily need the TV turn off.  Logic like this is so self evident that this is complete BS.

    2.) TechnoBuffalo’s source is supposedly “highly-placed” in a major electronics retailer. 

    Those 2 give it away as bullshit. You’re calling bullshit based on a rumor of March for iPad3?
    Not sure 1 rumor makes another rumor null and void.

  • superamoled

    It is not possible that APple can use OLED panels. No capacity too expensive… Check out our article:… 

  • MacGoo

    I barely started reading the article and I know this is false already. OLED is not ready for primetime. Apple builds its products to last, and this would be even more true for a TV. OLEDs (with their half-life issues even when the TV is OFF) would degrade way too quickly to be integrated into a high-end, lust-worthy device like an iTV.

  • Srose428

    Every week in high school there was a new rumor of a different girl having a baby a school bathroom.  None were ever true, but I always enjoyed hearing each and everyone of them. I think the same can be said for any rumor about iTV and iPhone 5.  Not going to include the iPad 3 in that list though as we are so close some of the rumors (Retina Display, Size, Cameras, A6, Etc) have to be true or partially true.  This rumors just happens to be absolute BS and the title says it too, so what are you getting on about?

  • MacGoo

    It’s easily determined which of the two Johns (or Jons, as it were) is more astute. You shouldn’t stand by a story like this. In fact, you shouldn’t stand anywhere NEAR it – the stink it gives off is overpowering.

    Terms? No need. John can send you his sweaty gym sock now and you can spend the next three months eating it piece by piece so it goes down easier. Then when they DON’T launch this imaginary unicorn, you won’t have to choke it down all at once.

  • Barton Lynch

    CoM can’t be trusted because  they spell so badly.

  • Andy Murdock

    Google is making a voice controlled fusion powered flying car to be released early next year. If this rumor turns out to be false, I imagine their stock price taking a hit when everyone gets upset at the company failing to meet expectations.

  • Aj Tk427

    100 bucks, no a 1000 bucks.. no no my house!!! that this is total BS.  Name your terms Jon! If you are such a self proclaimed techno gadget nut you’d know that this is BS!

  • tiresius

      Yeah, I am just tired of CoM publishing so many damned rumors.  Seems like maybe 30% or more of the stories are rumor gossip, another 10% this day’s Jailbreak, etc.
      As I said, guess it is time for me to delete CoM from my Top Sites grid and find another site that offers substance and fact, rather than hearsay. 
      Your mileage– and stomach for conjecture– may vary.

  • Srose428

    Fair enough, got to say though they pick up everything and anything; even if a crap ton of it is garbage.  They also report on some great tips and tricks…

  • Henk Frings

    Dear John, from a US perspective I understand your scepticism. But, what if you know that this year in June the European Soccer Championships takes place. Which, as it does every 4 years, stimulates TV set sales? Ain’t that a very strategic and wise choice to introduce the iTV? First in Europe ……. before in USA? Quantities don’t have to be that high ……., but generates world wide great impact, publicity and creation of huge demand world wide ……..?

    Kind regards,
    Henk Frings
    The Netherlands

  • ThaWeaver

    Did anybody mention a 42 inch OLED would cost like $10,000?

  • Mike Rathjen

    Impossible. Apple keeps everything secret to an incredible degree.

    Therefore, there is nothing BUT rumors, jailbreaks, games, and headphone reviews. If CoM, or any other Apple site, only posted verified legitimate Apple product news, there would be no posts for months at a time.

    In other words, rumors, jailbreaks, games, and headphone reviews may be filler, but it is doing its job as filler.

  • penguinstorm

    >  For one, it’s too close to the iPad 3”s late March / early April release date: Apple’s not going to 
    > subvert the launch of one new product by launching a more expensive one at the exact same 
    > time.

    Right…because Apple’s never done “…and one more thing…” before.

    I’m not saying it will or it won’t or that i believe the rumours or not. I’m just saying that’s the stupidest piece of logic i’ve ever heard in the context of Apple.

    It’s entirely possible that the iPad 3 isn’t viewed as being a revolutionary product. Launch it and then….”…and one more thing…it’s like a giant iPad hanging on YOUR WALL.”

  • macowling

    I can’t believe that Brownlee of all people is accusing somebody ELSE of spouting bullshit! Has he read the crap that he posts to CoM every week? I for one think CoM would do well to kick Brownlee in the ass and hire somebody like Jon Rettinger. I watch TechnoBuffalo on YouTube all the time and find them to be very professional and down-to-earth. Wish I could say the same about John Brownlee, it would make CoM a much less painful website to read.

  • Brett Gitchel

    No Doubt the iTV is coming. I won’t speculate on the details or try to discredit early reports but rather wait until Apple’s Keynote and unveiling the iTVs and it’s details. Anything is possible with Apple. I’m not doubting that Apple couldn’t adapt SIRI and facial recognition to it’s OLED iTV. I just hope that the iTV supports the 4K x 2K resolution, Touch Screen remote you can view your apps, control TV & view other channels and inputs without interrupting what’s playing on the TV screen. I will be purchasing this TV with or without SIRI and other discredited features this website slanders. The iTV was Steve Jobs most obsessed project. 

  • Pedro Gama

    I coundt agree more… I don even will remember those crap posts just to not give him a relieve of “wow, they remember my brain pukes!!!”.

  • Ed_Kel

    Brownlee, you of all people should know that Apple lives infamously on the notion of “One more thing…” and the timeline in which the article you reference may fit nicely with a “One more thing…” announcement; perhaps not a release but definitely a hint leading to a fall release which many sources have stated is highly likely. Rumors are just that, rumors and again, you of all people should know that Apple rumors are all but entirely accurate. I wouldn’t downplay the idea of box stores catching wind either, given the past where mysterious model numbers in Best Buy’s system led to a swirl of rumors and more recently, Target is acquiring their own Apple Specialists. Choose your words carefully the next time you call bullshit, I mean, you were the one that implied the 4S battery tweak was a sound investment.

  • Ed_Kel

    and bullshit………..