Hands On: Pocket Informant Is The Most Elegant And Compelling Way To Manage Your Productivity [Macworld 2012]



As a bit of a productivity nerd, it was great to see a couple of apps that revolve around that niche having a presence at the Macworld/iWorld media preview. One of these apps was Pocket Informant, which looks both elegant and compelling. And its available for both the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. For those looking to get a little bit more productive and want a pleasurable-looking experience while doing so, this might just be the app for you.

Pocket Informant fully integrates your calendar, tasks, notes and contacts into one spot, which allows you to focus on everything you’ve got going on in a day. This is a bit of a departure from other productivity-type apps in that they tend to put the emphasis on your tasks and let everything else fade into the background. Pocket Informant keeps everything close at hand and visible so that you don’t miss out on somewhere you’ve got go, someone you need to get in touch with or something you have to do.

It’s not only robust (and pretty to look at), but it is customizable so that you can change the look and feel of Pocket Informant to suit your needs. The syncing feature in Pocket Informant allows seamless access while on the move, with sync occurring automatically every 45 minutes while the app is running – and it will also re-sync the next time you run it. Pocket Informant supports Google Calendar sync (even multiple calendars), Google Tasks sync, native iOS Calendar access and plenty of other syncing options as well.

Pocket Informant is in a very crowded space – there are a lot of apps available for people wanting to be more efficient and effective with their work and life. But if you’re looking for somethnig that can handle everything you can throw at it and be a “catch all” for all of the things you’ve got on the go, Pocket Informant might be what you’re looking for.

Pocket Informant is currently on sale at $9.99 for all iOS devices and is available in the iOS App Store now.