What Happens When You Drop Your iPhone [Humor]


You know that moment when your iPhone slips out of your hands and begins its slow tumble to the ground? Time slows down, as it does in the milliseconds before any horrific accident, and you absolutely freeze with a sort of full-body shudder of anticipation at the shattered glass screen you just know will be the end result of its 32 feet per second per second fall towards the concrete.

In a recent episode of Fred Armise and Carrie Brownstein’s Portlandia, they did a skit that documents the internal monologue of such a reverie. The end’s a bit surreal (and a little weak), but as an iPhone owner myself, I can relate. Looks like it’s time for Brownstein to buy a bumper.

  • SmartyJones1

    The skit does capture the zeitgeist of how important the device is to people’s lives.
    But you should have let it run into the opening theme song.  It’s sheer poetry.

  • Marco Vega Ramos

    I wish I dropped mine, I got robbed, bah.

  • sn0wball

    so true

  • Retroman_IE

    Ha, I uploaded that vid :)