$4.99 iOS 5 Battery Fix Available From Cydia Is A Complete Scam


Is this a familiar sight for your iPhone 5?
Is this a familiar sight for your iPhone 5?

While Apple has been slow to fix the battery issues plaguing its new iPhone 4S and other devices running the new iOS 5 software, it seemed the jailbreaking community had come to the rescue. A tweak that hit Cydia earlier this week claims to fix your battery life woes under iOS 5, but it wants $4.99 for the privilege.

As it turns out, the tweak does nothing; it’s just a complete scam to steal your cash.

While many users have reported that the tweak has worked wonders on their battery life, it seems it may be all psychological. Two iOS hackers, Dustin Howett and Sam Binger, who were suspicious about the release named “iOS 5 Battery Fix,” took a look at its code and found that it really does nothing at all.

Binger revealed:

There has been a lot of hype recently about a 4S ‘Battery Fix’ – DHowett found that all it does is replace /System/Library/CoreServes/powerd.bundle/com.apple.SystemPowerProfileDefaults.plist

I looked for any possible impact of this

While this sounds good… we’re changing the power settings right? The reality is that it does absolutely nothing.

It seems one devious developer, well aware of our desire for a battery fix for iOS 5, saw the opportunity to make money from Apple’s long-delayed software update. Fortunately, it seems the tweak is not malicious — just useless.

This is a lesson to those who were quick to download the fix before its claims had been confirmed. Although the tweak should not harm your device, it could well have been malicious, and it’s stolen $4.99 from those who purchased it believing it to be real.

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