Tim Cook Offers Apple Employees $500 Off Macs, $250 Off iPads [Rumor]



It’s a great time to be an Apple employee. Not only is it the most successful company on the planet right now, but it’s also slashing the price of some of its most popular products as a thank you to its employees. According to one report, the Cupertino company’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced at an internal Town Hall meeting that staff could enjoy $500 off a new Mac, and $250 off a new iPad.

The discount program will kick off this June, according to a 9to5Mac report, but it does have a few restrictions. The discount won’t be available to employees at any time, but once every three years. In order to be eligible, staff must have be working for the company for at least 90 days.

The $500 discount will not apply to the Mac mini, according to the report, which is little over $500 anyway. But it is significantly more than the 25% employees usually get off Mac purchases.

With rumors that the iPad 3 is set to launch this April, starting the discount program in June gives Apple two months to deal with customer demand before employees can start snapping up the third-generation device for themselves with $250 off.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • Ed_Kel

    How is this a rumor?

  • Eric Barbosa

    because it hasnt been confirmed..

  • TechUser

    That’s kinda cheezy!  Shouldn’t they get free regular upgrades?  Their QA Dept. could track the reliability of their models in real time!  I work in aerospace, and my employer has a $1500 computer allowance, (every four years) for all employees to purchase their own personal home computer, (any brand, even Apple).

  • Andy Murdock

    I can confirm that this is a rumor.

  • Ed_Kel

    I only say because 9to5 is writing this as a report, not rumor. Many sites have picked up on this article and CoM is the only site claiming it’s a rumor.

  • MacRat

    Keep in mind that employees get equipment free for work.

    The discount is for home, family and friends.

  • CharliK

    According to my sources it is not a rumor, it was in fact announced to the staff. It was never intended to be told to the public just as none of the employee benefits for any company are supposed to be public knowledge. 

    Oh and my sources say that this article (or perhaps the source) is off the mark a tad. The implication is that Apple is dropping the previous discounts for this and that’s not true. The employees get 1 computer, 1 of each iPod and the iPad for 25% off a year and 3 at 15% for ‘friends and family’ and this is still there. This once every 3 years is a bonus discount on top of that.