How To Enable Orientation Lock On Your iOS Devices [iOS Tip]



Sometimes the simplest tips are the most helpful ones, and that’s certainly the case with today’s, which will show you how to enable orientation lock on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Orientation lock allows you to prevent your screen from turning automatically when you rotate your device, and it’s really simple to activate. Simply double-tap your home button to open up the multitasking tray, and make a swipe to the right to display your iPod controls. You’ll notice that to the left of these controls, there’s a button containing a rotating arrow.

Tap this to lock your device in its current orientation.

You’ll always know when orientation lock is active, because you’ll see the icon in your status bar.

On the iPad, you can change the mute switch to act as the orientation lock for quick and easy access, so that you don’t have to keep bringing up the multitasking tray. To do this, open up the Settings app and tap the ‘General’ tab. Under the ‘Use Slide Switch To:’ option, select ‘Lock Rotation’.

You can now use the switch on the side of your device to lock its orientation, and your mute switch will appear in the multitasking tray where orientation lock used to be.

  • Jeff Williamson

    Just like all the iPhone tips, NOTHING.
    NO icon for anything.
    Garbage post, once again.

  • Richard Mears

    Did you remember to go left [by swiping right] after bringing up the multitasking controls? It does work!

  • Al

    Thanks for this tip!

    I’d seen that button before but I assumed it was to put iTunes on repeat, so never touched it. lol.

  • Al

    Umm, what? This tip definitely works.

  • Steve Wyrick

    D’oh, I can’t believe I didn’t already know this.  Thanks!

  • macfoxpro

    Some people struggle more than others, I guess. lol

  • Jeff Williamson

    Double tapping the home button does nothing.

  • KillianBell

    You definitely have an iOS device capable of multitasking?

  • Brandon

    You probably don’t have an iPhone.  Start there, tough guy.

  • gpw2

    It would be good to be able to swap the mute controls on a iPhone as well as I have knocked the switch once or twice and missed calls….

  • Hondamaker

    Jeff, you are an idiot.

  • Tom Nikolic

    If u even do have an iOS device, people like u definitely don’t deserve one. Multitasking is accessed by double tapping the home button by default on compatible devices. If ur device is not compatible, don’t come here abusing everyone and saying that posts are wrong and garbage.

  • Len Williams

    OK Jeff, this really does work. I just did it on my iPhone 4S. 
    1. Make sure you have an iPhone running the latest version of iOS, which you can get by connecting your iPhone to iTunes and selecting it in the left sidebar. Then click on the “Check for Update” button. It should be version 5.0.1.
    2. Install the latest iOS if it isn’t up to date.
    3. Once the full update is done, disconnect your iPhone and be sure your iPhone is unlocked and is on the home screen (not the “slide to unlock” screen). Now press the home button twice rapidly. You have to press it hard enough that it depresses fully (lightly tapping it won’t work).
    4. As soon as you’ve done that you should see all the home screen icons disappear and a row of 4 icons appear at the bottom of the screen.
    5. Swipe with your finger from left to right on the bottom icons and you’ll get to the lock orientation icon. Tap on that icon and your screen is locked.

  • Deepak K Tibrewal

    For once my dad’s iPhone 4 had orientation lock on. We were wandering what happened. In fact i did reset to unlock it without realizing it. Much later, when I updated my 3GS with iOS 5, learnt about it.
    Thanks any way. Many more simpleton like me may be helped by this tip.