Apple Customer Takes Hipsterism To The Next Level By Showing Up On a Penny-farthing



When riding your fixed gear bike to the Apple Store is no longer cool, how do you take your hipsterism to the next level? Penny-farthing.

Have you seen anything more ridiculous than this at your local Apple store? Tell us about it in the comments.

[via Johnnytwoshoes]

  • G. Ennui

    I knew you were referring to a penny-farthing and not a tricycle before the page even loaded. #HIPSTERISHIP

  • chadwhitley

    Wait…where’s the third wheel?

    Don’t say it’s me.  :)

  • Aidan Ogle

    That’s not a tricycle. Its an Ordinary ( or Penny Farthing to the uncouth!)   Tricycles have 3 wheels, the clue is in the “tri” bit

  • Eric Jasso

    Unless i’m not seeing a third wheel that’s not a tricycle.

  • Buster

    sorry guys I was originally thinking unicycle and mindlessly typed in Tricycle (both of which were obviously wrong).

  • Stefan A. Guntermann

    This picture looks to be a few hours old though.  That’s a Mac OS Tiger promo sign inside the store and what appears to be an old white iMac in the window.

    Still an epic way to get to an Apple Store though.

  • Will Reed

    Who cares?

  • scottbodenheimer

    Who is Number #1?

  • supertino

    That Penny Farthing belongs to Martin Krieg from Palo Alto and this picture was taken years ago. Look it up*. 

    *If I post a link, it never gets published due to lazy mods on this site.

  • minimalist1969

    Wait, hipsters can actually hoist themselves up onto this in their skinny jeans?  Something tells me the guy riding this is bald, has a pony tail and is anything but hip.  Which means he’d be probably interesting to talk to.

  • miralize

    And with this stupid post, I am unsubscribing from this terrible terrible blog.. Tricycle is a bike with 3 wheels, and its a penny fucking farthing.. get it right if youre going to  post shite

  • Phil

    That’s really cool.

  • FriarNurgle

    I witnessed a woman walk smack into the glass next to the door while trying to exit the store. Made the most satisfying “Boing” sound. Woman and glass were ok, well I’m sure her pride was a bit bruised as the entire store went silent and turned to stare as her friend helped her up and they exited the store after being stopped by an employee to see if she was ok.

  • Buster

    i’m telling your mom Sean…you are so freaking grounded

  • miralize

    enjoy writing subpar articles you consider news…

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Judging by the store in the background, this was at least 5 years ago? Slow news day much?

  • Buster

    post a link. I’ll update it

  • Evan

    Props to the custodial staff.

  • Phil

    This is actually a pretty old…

  • Kenn Fong

    @Will Reed: Who cares?
    Who is Number One?” is a reference to the wonderfully complex and intellectual “The Prisoner,” starrinng Patrick McGoohan, which used the Penny Farthing bicycle as a logo on its badges.

  • stevewoz

    I must need glasses. I misread the headline.

  • Buster

    not sure why you’re so upset when the correction was made well before you even commented. 

  • miralize

    Whats makes me upset is the fact that you feel the need to litter my rss reader with useless information.. not even tabloid worthy.. it doesn’t entertain, enlighten or excite me.. No respect for this blog or any of the writers on it..

    And you may have changed the title, but you neglected to change the actual slug in the URL.. 

  • FriarNurgle

    And yet you continued to come here and comment, thus supporting the blog and it’s staff with your page views. 

  • AppleKilledMobileFlash

    Got to get me one of those… but there the heck is the derailleur?  Got to do some serious pedaling in city traffic to get up speed without one.  Just kidding.  I’ve never seen one of those outside of a circus.

  • Nutz320

    bald ponytail?

  • ddevito

    iSheep are Hipster dufuses.

  • Chris Mills

    Agreed, I’m seeing Tiger displays and a white iMac.

  • Don Pope

    That looks like a white iMac on the window so it was probably taken in 2006 or earlier.

  • minimalist1969

    You’ve never seen those 40-40 something guys who’ve gone bald on the top and pull what’s left into a pony tail?  Think Led Zeppelin cover band.

  • Hans Maristela

    What’s ridiculous about choosing to ride an emission-free, calorie-burning mode of private transport? Grow a brain, er, some hair!

  • Phil

    You’re right, The OS: X Tiger logo gives us an idea too. When Was Tiger Released? 2005 right?

  • Nutz320


  • Jordan Clay

    Awesome post!  BTW, if anybody cares I believe it is a re-pop penny farthing.  I think it is an RBR Excelsior

  • ChaseW

    U mad bro?

  • Shane Bryson

    It’s pretty obvious that it was taken years ago, considering the iMac in the window is WHITE!

  • Fred Maxwell

    The term “affectation” comes to mind.  

    The penny-farthing fell out of favor because it was so dangerous compared to a normal bicycle.  Riders often ended up pitched over onto their heads due to the high center of gravity and being positioned almost directly above the front axle.  

    Unicycles, pogo sticks, and stilts can also be “emission-free, calorie-burning mode[s] of private transport,” too, but they are also affectations when used in lieu of a modern bicycle.

  • maccid

    Sean O Grady is victim #2 of Jerry Sandusky, the shower boy.

  • _HereWeGrow

    You don’t even go here!

  • CRodBlogs

    I have a friend that rides one like this all the time and I’m sure he’s been to the Apple store on his bike.

  • Peter Reynolds


    The front wheel is the penny coin, and the little wheel is the farthing coin (quarter of a penny in value).

  • facebook-602274890

    fucking hipsters.