This Taiwanese Bakery Sells Cakes That Are Packaged Just Like Delicious iPhones [Gallery]



For a company named after nature’s candy, Apple’s releases a surprising lack of edible products. That’s not likely to change any time soon, but if you’d like a cake or a bit of pastry with Apple’s eye for style and incredible packaging design, look no further than this incredible Taiwanese bakery.

The product above is called the iFong, which means pineapple fruit, and each box — designed, as you’ll note, after Apple’s own iconic iPhone box packaging — contains six small pieces of pineapple cake. Each box costs NT$250, or a shade over $8.

That’s not the only product the Comte bakery sells. They also sell a product called the iYou, which is another pastry sold in an iPad-like box.

Both boxes even have some adorable, custom iOS-like icons on the homescreen on the packaging.

Needless to say, Comte admits that releasing their products with iPhone-style packaging is a publicity grab, but we think it’s cute. Here’s hoping Apple’s usually overprotective IP lawyers smile at this one and turn a blind eye.

[via MIC Gadget]