Bill Gates Recounts His Last Conversation With Steve Jobs [Video]


While the pair were huge rivals at the helms of two competing companies, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were still somewhat fond of each other. In a recent interview with ABC News and Yahoo!, Gates recounts his last visit to Jobs’s house during his final months, the conversation they shared, and how Jobs’s passing has affected him.

Gates reveled their relaxed conversation included a lot of reminiscing, and talking about their families:

He and I always enjoyed talking. He would throw some things out, you know, some stimulating things. We’d talk about the other companies that have come along. We talked about our families and how lucky we’d both been in terms of the women we married. It was great relaxed conversation.

Gates also revealed that Jobs’s passing reminded him that we only have “limited time,” and that we “gotta pick the important stuff”:

Well, it’s very strange to have somebody who’s so vibrant and made such a huge difference and been … kind of a constant presence, to have him die. It makes you feel like, ‘Wow, we’re getting old.’ I hope I still have quite a bit of time for the focus I have now, which is the philanthropic work. And there’s drugs we’re investing in now that won’t be out for 15 years — malaria eradication, I need a couple of decades here to fulfill that opportunity. But, you know, it reminds you that you gotta pick important stuff, because you only have a limited time.

If you haven’t already watched the video above, Gates starts talking about Jobs at around 03:35.

[via 9to5Mac]

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  • Mrs_Henderson

    Flash required?!?

  • Thomas Phoenix Marsh-Connors

     I can be creative thanks to you, Steve were the one of the few people that looked up too in this world. A true inspiration to me and forever will be! and now my dream of meeting you in California has gone. You will forever be in my heart and soul, draw or paint, sculpt or even write as I am now or anything remotely creative in anyway I shall always think of you and smile.  I write a tribute to you wishing could do moreBut I can’t, so this is how I’ll thank you I didn’t know/realize how much music ment so much to me till I got my very first IPod Touch and I also I recall how happy and overwhelmed I was when I got my IPad and then don’t start me on my IPhone its bloody brilliant!! I find it amazing.  Until this year in March the 5th the day after my 18th birthday I purchased my very first Macintosh the Macbook Pro 13. I have to say it is a rare moment in time when a product like the Macbook Pro gives me love and beauty of design like no other. I am so in love with it I am rarely off it and even  if i am Im on my IPad so thank you Steve for that too.  I know this simple piece probably doesn’t do much justice to your memoryBut I tried as hard as I couldI don’t know how else to thank youBut with simple words Thank youI’ll miss you and your wonderful workAs will so many othersMy thoughts are with your family and friends alike   Thank you so much Mr. Jobs Yours sincerely Thomas Marsh-Connors Age 18 England,West Sussex   

  • Robert

    Gates is such a robot. Nerdism exacts a price in humanity.
    Yeh, Yeh, he is a great philanthropist, but that is an intellectual calculation for him, I’ll wager.

  • Adrian Werner

    I don’t know. He seems like a really nice guy, while Jobs was grade-A asshole. A visionary asshole, but still an asshole.

  • vanmacguy

    Bill Gates is a classy guy. I’m not a Microsoft fan and neither am I a Microsoft hater, but I am a fan of Bill Gates.