• iAidan

    How the fuck does this show that 
    “Windows PC Penetration In Higher Education Is Definitely On The Rise”

    You stupid idiot.

  • Asszem

    it was a joke.

  • mikemcl

    Paging Dunning-Kruger!

  • sincarne

    It is taking everything I have to not post the Futurama “Can’t tell if trolling or stupid” pic right here.

  • brownlee

    I like how even though “[Humor]” is right in the headline, you can’t tell that it’s a joke. “Stupid idiot” indeed. 

  • David A Cleveland Jr

    You must be the guy with the PC!

  • Nellie

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  • Bruce Campbell III

    Mizzou’s journalism school actually requires Mac – so this pic is misleading. However I do understand the humor intended. I just hate Mizzou. Rock Chalk.

  • aardman

    Toyota and Honda got them while they were still in college and they moved on from Civics and Corollas into Camrys, Accords, Pilots & Highlanders.  Some went further into Lexuses and Acuras.  Anyone who thinks Windows will not continue to lose market share in the next 15-20 years hasn’t been paying attention to Ford, GM & Chrysler.

    Why do you think Apple is aggressively pursuing the educational market with the iPad?

  • David L. Clark

    Except, Ford has been rising aggressively since the corporate bailouts. Lawl

  • Amr Khalifa

    Misleading photo. But still funny.

  • Al

    Well I have to do it now you’ve said.

  • Thomas Phoenix Marsh-Connors

    HAHHAHA Wow ust goes to show how great Macbook Pro’s are :D:D:D

  • vistarox

    I’d feel so awkward if I was that guy/ 

  • Len Williams

    Love it! As a 23-year veteran Mac user (got my first Mac SE/30 in 1989) it’s almost surreal that Apple is now doing so well, and Macs are visible everywhere–and regarded as the coolest computers available. I’ve lived through derision and snide remarks, comments of owning a “toy computer” and “Windows won, get over it”, and I can’t help feeling vindicated for my support of Macs all these years. It’s just so nice to see the general populace waking up to the fact that the Mac OS and hardware are so good.

  • 5imo

    The awkward moment when your the only one with a craptop. Get with the program!

  • Anipz Raymond


    the same row as that guy, a girl in green shirt say : 

    “fuck computers, i’m using pen and paper !”

  • Junaidkureshi

    Steve Jobs soul must be very happy.

  • David

    Ford didn’t take any bailout money.

  • aramishero

    The poor one…

  • Dilbert A

    Quite funny.

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