Incredible! OS X Lion Has Just Been Emulated In Your Web Browser Using Only CSS3


Screen Shot 2012-01-24 at 3.37.01 PM

Remember that amazing interactive iPhone we posted about a while back that was made up of nothing but CSS 3 + Javascript, with absolutely no image files used for rendering at all?

Yeah, that was pretty impressive. But you know what’s even more killer? How about Roman web designer Alessio Atzeni’s spiritual followup, which emulates Mac OS X Lion’s boot, login and desktop screens using only CSS3 properties, and no image files at all.

Amazing. Check out the full demo here. Steve Jobs was right: who the heck needs Flash?

[via iClarified]

  • iAidan

    Its funny because this is more stable then the actual OS

    • Patrick Davidson

      good one.. having recently switched back to the Mac (actually I’m going to keep both), I’m finding that the claims that the Mac hardly crashes are hardly accurate. I’ve got an i7 on the Mac but the i3 running windows kicks its butt. I’ve now added 4 more gb of RAM to the Mac so we’ll see. No excuses for the Mac now. ; )

  • Gill Squid

    That space background seems like it would have taken a lot of time to create just using CSS3 properties.

  • Sean Smith

    I’d like to know how “no images at all” were used. Are you saying he used vector graphics to draw everything from the Apple logo to the folder icons?

  • richbradshaw

    If you ignore all the images, then you are right, there are no images! Also, if you ignore the javascript, then it’s pure CSS3. Well, if you ignore the CSS 1, 2 and 2.1 properties.

    Oh, and ignore the HTML as well.

  • daslive

    genial, gracias

  • vistarox

    Hey bro,

    I heard you like OS X Lion. So I put OS X Lion inside of OS X Lion so u can use OS X Lion while using OS X Lion

  • Brock Spillman

    I say he needs to close a couple of of those tabs….

  • John Howell

    Hmm, doesn’t work for me in mobile safari 8(
    And CoM, when I select he the bottom of your mobile page on my phone, I get sent right back to the mobile format again, which is broken with some kind of advertising bar that won’t stay out of the way.

  • Arron Hunt
  • David Butt

    John, you need to read the author’s webpage:

  • mlahero

    Um…. we could do this with just CSS2 and javascript. How is this impressive at all??

    As for “who needs Flash?”, the answer is; people with creative imagination and who actually want to see something new and original.

    But keep banging that drum Brownlee. Keep banging that drum.

  • Thomas William Purcell

    This does not work for me!!!