Your Local Apple Store Is Probably Worth Just As Much As The White House [Trivia]



What’s more valuable: the White House or the Apple Store? The most iconic and easily identifiable residence in the country might seem like the safer bet, but guess again: it’s actually worth just about as much as any one single Apple store.

CNN did the math today and calculated that Apple’s sales-per-square-foot value was around $4,709 annually, just $43 dollars less than what the White House’s retail value is per square foot.

Not only does the house that Apple built stack up favorably with the White House, it completely blows away the competition, Tiffany’s, which has a sales-per-square-foot value of a mere $2,974.

Apple’s not doing bad for a company that opened its first retail location just 11 years ago, is it?

  • iAidan

    well thats only because apple stores are the only place to get apple stuff.

  • Camerongerardy

    don’t get me wrong but that house and the history that is written in that house is priceless

  • ddevito


  • Ike Walker

    ummmm what? Try Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, MacMall etc etc etc… you dont get out much do you?

  • Greg Smith

    business vs residential.  business space is always more expensive… especially when you consider the prime placement of apple stores.