Siri + Magic + Hot Wild Girls + Doritos = This Year’s Funniest Super Bowl Commercial [Humor / Video]


As part of its annual promotion to get more Americans to cram nacho cheese-flavored asbestos triangles down their gob during halftime, Doritos throws a Crash The Super Bowl contest where they invite fans to make their own commercials. Win the contest and your winning ad gets aired during the Super Bowl.

I don’t usually pay attention to stuff like this, but this entry for the contest is just wonderful. It portrays Siri (or a Siri-like) as a magical genie in a smartphone capable of automatically beaming bags full of Doritos, a festive sombrero or even three hot, bikini-clad girls into a bro’s apartment at just a long press of the home button, no questions asked.

The only problem? In Dorito’s land, Siri’s speech-to-text transcription abilities have a couple of small auditory processing kinks to work out. The result? A guy’s request for hot wild girls leads to him being torn apart by… well, you’ve got to see it for yourself. Brilliant.

[via iDownload Blog]

  • ddevito

    Perhaps if Apple sent a little more time developing Siri maybe it wouldn’t be such a (non-Apple) beta product.

    Just sayin

  • marcwitteveen

    This is why Apple is brilliant in marketing, others make commercials for them, though maybe not on the way Apple would like to see it, never the less they are out there.

  • Brianna Wu

    Brilliant? Hmmm. Maybe I’m just less impressed by beer and chip humor. 

  • Mark Burns

    They must be using a Samsung phone…

  • ramunasbl

    This must be an Android phone :)
    I asked my iPhone’s Siri for Doritos – no luck :D … or might be because of this commercial they ran out of stock…. :-D

  • Rick Kohlschmidt

    Patience my son…..OUR day will soon come….very soon!!!    It’s in the works……and will only improve over the months & years!!   

  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    If thats the best commercial then this year is going to suck.