Wirelessly Print From Any iOS Device Using xPrintServer



The ability to print documents from an iOS device is a feature that many of us find incredibly useful, but Apple’s implementation has its flaws — such as the need for an AirPrint compatible printer. But thank to xPrintServer from Lantronix, you can wirelessly print to almost any networked printer from any iOS device.

xPrintServer is a small device that connects to your network via an Ethernet cable. Once it’s plugged in, any printer on the network can be found using the built-in print feature in iOS, with no additional software or configuration required.

Lantronix promises it’s as simple as “plug-and-print,” and they’ve put together this humorous video to demonstrate its simplicity:


xPrintServer is available to pre-order now for $150 from the Lantronix website, with shipping scheduled to begin during the first quarter of this year. Lantronix will also be at MacWorld|iWorld to demonstrate the device.

  • Demonstr8r

    Brilliant! However, I don’t see this as a consumer play since the cost of the device is as much or more than the cost of a new printer.

  • Conrad MacIntyre

    I’m sure this is a fine piece of software, but Netputing’s AirPrint Activator (http://netputing.com/airprinta… has been around for a long time and I have been using it with great success. And it’s FREE (with Donation optional).

  • Sean Smith

    Yeah… this company doesn’t seem to have asked itself “Is this worth making if it’s almost twice the price of a new AirPrint-capable printer?” I actually just picked up an HP Deskjet 3052A from Walmart for $69 just the other week so I had something that was AirPrint-enabled. Although I could see this device being useful if you have a really nice networked printer that is worth more than $150 that you don’t want to replace but I have a feeling it may be a very niche market.

  • c0rinne

    If you know how to shop on deal sites, you can definitely get a brand new wireless printer for 1/5 the cost, which is what I did. I can print from my phone and I can print from outside my home.

  • Guest

    I agree with the comments. Why buy this device as opposed to a new printer?

  • Frank

    How about PrintBureau or PrintnShare, both of which are in the App Store for $10 or so?

  • ddevito

    Got PrintShare for Android free on Amazon.

    Just sayin

  • Don Pope

    Just install AirPrint Activator on your Mac and all your iOS devices can print to any printer connected to it. Total cost: $0

  • Srome95

    Why do you come to ios blog just to brag about your piece of crap android? No one cares about it. Go back to cult of android.

  • dharlow

    The author failed to specify, but as the “humorous video” shows, this product is really for offices, where you have multiple, or even hundreds of networked printers.  It is a dream for an IT guy, with a bunch of whining employees, and executives, who are complaining that they can’t print.  And for that purpose, $150 is cheap!