SiriToggles Lets You Launch Apps And Change Settings On Your Jailbroken iPhone 4S



A Cydia package by the name of SiriToggles brings functionality to Siri that Apple should have included from day one. With the free SiriToggles tweak on your jailbroken iPhone 4S, you can launch any app, change your system settings, and even turn your iPhone off with your voice.

While Apple has restricted Siri to a limited set of capabilities by default, SiriToggles liberates the virtual assistant for jailbreakers.

Not only can you launch an app with your voice (“Open Maps,” for example), but you can toggle your iPhone’s settings quickly with Siri. The developer, Hamza Sood, has included multiple system toggles that the average user accesses daily. SiriToggles will let you toggle your iPhone’s Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode, and Data settings with your voice. Simply say either “enable/disable” or “turn on/turn off” followed by the setting and let SiriToggles work its magic.

You can get your iPhone’s battery percentage by saying something like “How much battery do I have left?” or “What is my remaining battery percentage?” or “What’s my current battery level?” Your screen’s brightness can even be changed with Siri by saying “set/change backlight/brightness to x%”

After using SiriToggles for more than a day, I haven’t noticed a drain on battery life or performance. This tweak is a great addition for any jailbroken iPhone 4S, and I highly recommended downloading it now in Cydia. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone 4S yet, follow our tutorial.

  • jfc123

    Why does the screenshot that says that there is 71% battery left and on top it says 73%?

  • Jay Hill

    WOW, this hack works great!  Combined with Hands-Free Control its a mind blowing experience! 

  • Srome95

    It is always a little off, idk why though.

  • Srome95

    It is always a little off, idk why though.

  • jamieoliver369

    iPhone 4S Siri application is absolutely awesome! I did noticed it also, this means Siri sometimes is lying with us.

  • 5aga

    the cake is a lie

  • ddevito

    You mean to tell me the all mighty Siri can’t do this already? Wow. I thought it was the bee’s knees.


  • Hamza Sood

    The level the status bar displays is (technically) incorrect. The one SiriToggles gets is correct

  • Brian Blank

    Does anyone know if this will work on a jailbroken iPhone 4 with Siri?

  • jschaff

    Yes. It DOES work with the jail broken iPhone 4.

  • Mike

    I love it, but she keeps telling me “I’m sorry, Mike, but I can’t do that” when I tell her to enable Airplane Mode. WTF?