Over 350,000 Textbooks Were Downloaded From iBookstore In Just 3 Days [Report]


  • Cesar Florez

    makes me want to go back to school honestly!! my days of sabotaging textbooks and scribbling all over them are over. good for apple. im happy for what apple has done and hopes this textbook revolution does better than expected

  • yt7509

    ebook, epub, ibook, pdf, text, apps, websites !
    What is needed in this “affair” is a new role more than anything
    This new role could be described as “personal contracts/licences
    holder” “account managers for personal contract/licences and
    login/passwds or certificates”(no contents or copies in there, just
    references), something like that, several of them of course, and ability to
    move all your “assets” or “belongings” from one to the
    other, so that a trust relationship can exist regarding the privacy of these
    data (and privacy of these data also under strong legal constraints for these
    Then you can have an environment with a clear role separation between these
    organisations on one side, and editors, on line shops, on line content holders
    and difusers on the other.
    Which then could allow a user to buy an ebook, apps, websites (access to)
    “for life”(or with some timing guarenteed in a strict legal point of
    view, but “for life” in spirit), possibility of upgrade if new
    edition and you feel like it, and that’s it.
    Enough with these “private bookshelves”(music, video, sito shelves)
    linked to some device maker, on line shops, “social network”, or some
    other giant !
    A bit more developed below :
    (and in the “copies_licences” text (2007) linked in the post)

    And almost EVERYTHING already there really

  • ADimensionOfMind

    nice to see : )

  • Damodara Kovie

    I thinks, they are truly full of it! Who buys all these textbooks??