Search Spotlight For Emails/Docs From Certain People [OS X Tips]



Spotlight is a love it/hate it experience. Don’t stop reading if you hate it, however, because here’s a tip that shows how useful Spotlight can be if used correctly. A simple trick lets you search for emails or documents by a particular author, which can be extremely useful when trying to track down that elusive file or message.

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Spotlight lets you use keywords to further refine search results. One commonly used by many people is kind: — type kind:spreadsheet quarterly reports, for example, and the search results will only include spreadsheets. Typing kind:spreadsheet on its own will list all the spreadsheets you have on your system.

Using the author: keyword, you can specify the author of the document—the person who sent the email, or the person listed within a Microsoft Office document as the author. Enclose the name in quotes if you specify both first and last names: author:”keir thomas” will return documents and emails created by Keir Thomas, for example.

You can invert this by typing a minus before the keyword. Say you wanted to find emails about iPads from anybody BUT Keir Thomas, you could simply type a minus before author, like this: ipad -author:”keir thomas”.



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