What Was The Most Revolutionary Thing Apple Announced At Today’s Education Event? [Poll]


For a “small, demure event,” Apple announced a shocking amount of new stuff at today’s Education Event: a new version of iBooks with e-textbook support, iTunes U’s new virtual classroom app, iBook Author (which should revolutionize home publishing) and even several incredible, interactive textbooks. We’re wondering, though, of all this stuff, which of today’s announcements do you find most revolutionary, most exciting?

Tick off your answer in the poll above, then join us in the comments, where we’ll be discussing what Apple’s announcements mean for the future of iOS and the e-book industry.

  • Clark Wallace

    Not iWork ’12 -,-

  • Drew Jolesch

    The retooling of iTunes U is by far the most subtle change, but it will have the most impacted change. It basically does what Blackboard does, but for free, and far much better and more elegantly. That is Apple’s MO. Do something so subtle but the changes that result become an earthquake through the education sector.

  • Anon

    was really hoping for iWork 12. iWork 09 needs some upgrades (more shapes in Keynote, for one) but still better than Office. 

  • Markus Reisenberg

    I also hoped they would release iWork ’12 (or at least Pages ’12)… Maybe we’ll have to wait until February 24. But iBooks Author is awesome – Now I have something professional to type my books on – and it’s free!

  • Carolyn Hayes

    It is the composite of all these things. Apple has just totally revolutionized the publishing industry, starting with textbooks. But also education by allowing for more books and coordination with online teachers etc it has also streamlined internet education. And now wherefore the Kindle? iBooks texts will be the norm. 

  • macgizmo

    I didn’t see anything that was “revolutionary.”