Phil Schiller: “Education Is In Apple’s DNA.” [Apple Education Event]



Apple’s Phil Schiller has just taken the stage at the Guggenheim in New York City, and he’s here to reiterate what many of us have never forgotten from our days on old Apple IIe’s in the classroom: education is important to Apple. “Today’s event is about education,” says Schiller. “And education is deep in Apple’s DNA.” “Apple’s entire education business is based on teaching, learning, and student achievement. Try to bring the same passion they bring to every product into education business, too.” Schiller’s here to bring the iPad more forcefully to the classroom, to use the iPad as a tool to get American kids back to the forefront of reading, math and science. Could today’s event launch the second iPad revolution: the education revolution? [image via Macworld]

  • prof_peabody

    IMO Steve Jobs was right when he said that technology cannot solve the problems inherent in Education.  Computer technology is a tool just as paper and pencil technology was in the past.  Throwing technology at Education makes it more modern, but doesn’t inherently solve anything.