FaceTime Over 3G Could Be Set To Make Its Debut In Germany



When FaceTime was first introduced back in June 2010, Steve Jobs noted the video calling feature would be available to users over 3G once the necessary agreements with carriers had been made. Nearly a year on, FaceTime still requires a Wi-Fi connection, but it could be about to make its debut over 3G in Germany.

German site Heise Online reports that Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile USA, is preparing to support the FaceTime feature over its 3G network. But it may not be free.

The rumor was sparked by screenshots of internal sales documentation with mentions a paid “VoIP/FaceTime option,” suggesting FaceTime over 3G will require an additional fee.

Let’s hope that this isn’t the only carrier Apple has struck a deal with, and that FaceTime over 3G begins launching worldwide during 2012.

[via Macgasm]

  • djgrahamj

    Carriers charging for FaceTime when you already have a data plan has net neutrality violation written all over it. I’d switch to Skype in that case; you can already do video over 3G with it.

  • Zeteboy

    What is the data cost for FaceTime?

  • Paul E

    that would make at least one possibility to use facetime in germany. Because it almost never works over wifi. In germany about everyone uses routers that block specific ports and make video over ichat or facetime impossible. only skype is able to circumvent that.

  • iDaBoss

    Just use Skype, or jailbreak

  • nthnm

    I hate that I can’t use it on 3G. If I want to use all of my data allotment for the month on a call, then I should be able to.