AT&T Announces All New (And More Expensive) iPhone & iPad Data Plans



AT&T has been forcing the same crappy $25 for 2GB plan down everyone’s throat since June 2010, but now they’re upgrading it for the first time. Starting Sunday, AT&T will be upgrading all their new smartphone data plans with larger data allocations… and larger prices. Yes, pay-by-the-month iPad users, that means you too.

Starting Sunday, January 22nd, these will be the new plans, replacing the current $15 for 250MB/$25 for 2GB/$50 for 5GB plans:

• AT&T DataPlus 300MB: $20 for 300MB, additional 300MB for $20.
• AT&T DataPro 3GB: $30 for 3GB, additional 1GB for $10/each
• AT&T DataPro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot/tethering, additional 1GB for $10/each

And here are the equivalent iPad plans:

• The existing 250MB for $15 plan
• AT&T DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB
• AT&T DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB

Needless to say, current users keep their old plans indefinitely. Personally, upgrading to 3GB from 2GB for another $5 seems like a pretty good deal, but man, existing 250MB DataPlus customers are getting boned: $5 for a mere 50 more megabytes of data. AT&T must really want people off that plan.

  • Rob Thompson

    The current iPhone $15 data plan is for 200MB’s, not 250… only the iPad that gets the 250MB’s…RT

  • Bazzini

    Will these new plans include 4G or are they limited to 3G?

  • Rob Thompson

    Just in case, I checked the websites and indeed I was correct.  Just to let you know, I worked for at&t for 5 years, that’s why I caught this.  The extra 100MB’s will probably save a lot of people $10.  (Many people only went over by say 20-30MB’s, so they’d get charged the $15 all over again, now, they pay an extra $5 and they have that larger buffer…) I THINK it’s a better deal for most…not going put that in stone, due to no longer working for AT&T…RT

  • Dishwater

    Kinda makes me happy that me iPhone is grandfathered into an unlimited data plan.  Unless they killed that w/o me realizing it.

  • Rob Thompson

    4G doesn’t have a different price point, nor is the 4G that the 4s has (HSPA+) anything like LTE….the iPhone 4S doesn’t have LTE, so this should not affect you.  

  • theotherphil

    I thought Telstra here in Australia were expensive. For my iPad, I pay $150 for 12Gb and it’s valid for 1 year….seems a pretty good deal now.

  • Jordan Golson

    “but man, existing 250MB DataPlus customers are getting boned: $5 for a mere 50 more megabytes of data.”

    Except the old plan was 200MB for $15. 300MB for $20 is a fair bit cheaper per MB.

  • Barry Spring

    On Rogers in Canada I pay $30 for 6gb on my phone and am able to share that with my Ipad at no extra charge

  • Clyde Nomiddlename Butler

    AT&T needs to stop being stingy with they internet and give us UNLIMITED data.

  • your mom

    So if I’m paying for the 250MB plan now, do I keep it after the new plans or do I HAVE to switch?

  • techgeek01

    I love T-mobile.  :)

    $5 for 200MB
    $10 for 2GB
    $25 for 5GB…. 

    $5 for unlimited texting
    $10 for unlimited texting for family…..

  • Aj Tk427

    How did you get that??? Or are you just using your iPhone as a hotspot for the ipad?

  • Robert

    I canceled my old “unlimited” iPad data plan only a few months in because their network was so f’ing slow it was unusable.

  • Rob Thompson

    AT&T generally lets you keep as you choose…so if you want the 250MB on your iPad, keep it….

  • Rob Thompson

    They did, then people that were told the data was only for the phone, used it for their computer, then started using 20GB’s per month, then….that’s why its gone, now.  It’s not hard to figure out.  Remember, Verizon limited, T-Mobile is throttling after 2GB’s of usage and Sprint’s 3G is slow…what else needs some truth added?  

  • jbach67

    Wow. I kept my unlimited data, ‘just in case.’ I just went to AT&T’s website and found out that I need to get out more (as in using wifi a lot) I haven’t come anywhere near 300MB since July 2011! I’m sure AT&T appreciates the extra $10. Grrrrr…

  • CaveMan5464

    How does you iPhone and iPad run on tmobile? Ur post here does not apply.

  • CaveMan5464

    US has a screw deal, almost every other country has laws that they can use their data how they see fit. Only us has to pay for tethering :-(

  • Lee Hammond

    International data plans…still boning customers….

  • Hal Summers

    Some customers may like getting boned.  ATT should use that in their advertising to make them think it’s a good thing.

  • techgeek01

    At least us t-mobile users don’t get charged an arm and a leg for service. :P

  • FriarNurgle

    Booooo Hisssssss Boooooo

    I’m not surprised though. 

  • CRodBlogs

    Grandfathered unlimited data plan FTW!

  • Kate

    Unlock your iPhone/iPad and get it on T-Mobile. It’s not hard.

  • CaveMan5464

    Your referring to your cheap service on edge network? Do u still use dial-up in your house cause it’s so cheap??

  • joshuacurtiss

    Upgrading from 2GB to 3GB is completely useless to people who don’t touch the 2GB cap. That’s AT&T’s equivalent to Comcast’s giving you this expensive plan that has a billion channels you don’t care about, but you need that plan for the 1-2 channels it only includes in that higher plan.

    When my usage is 500MB-ish a month, this change is just irritating. Especially when I’m a new AT&T customer, compliments of the iPhone 4S (a T-Mobile switcher).

  • Brad Hicks

    can someone help me understand something?  it says $15 for 250MB currently.  I’m paying $15 for 200MB.  I’ve never had 250MB.  What is this talking about?

    Also, I just called ATT and confirmed, they said it is $15 for 200MB…not 250. I was about to make sure I was getting my extra 50MB each month, but apparently it’s not there.

  • Brad Hicks


  • Brad Hicks

    anyone at all? At this point, I’m just chalking it up to a typing error by the author.