Apple’s Secret Textbook Project Code-Named “Bliss,” Inspired By Al Gore [Rumor]


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As the last-minute leaks about Apple’s education event tomorrow come in, a code name for the company’s secret textbook project has surfaced: “Bliss.” According to anonymous sources for AppleInsider, the digital textbook technology is also inspired by Apple board member Al Gore’s Our Choice eBook app.

Following a report from The Wall Street Journal about Roger Rosner overseeing the secret project, AppleInsider believes that it has accurate information about what to expect tomorrow.

The person said the internal code-name for the project is “Bliss,” and said the software will allow publishers to make textbooks more interactive.

One of the primary sources of inspiration for the project was said to be an e-book released by former U.S. vice president and Apple board member Al Gore. Last year, he and Push Pop Press released “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” on the iOS App Store, and the interactive title was met with a great deal of praise.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about interactive textbooks from Apple. Steve Jobs himself told Walter Isaacson that he envisioned digital textbooks that could be updated over the internet with new content and teacher comments.

The app that has reportedly influenced the design of Apple’s textbook project is called Our Choice. It won Apple’s Design Award last year at WWDC for its beautiful interface. The company behind the app, Push Pop Press, was acquired by Facebook last year.

  • Peter

    now Gore will take full credit for e-books along with internet

  • Jamal22

    I’m always concerned when Al Gores name is attached to anything.

  • ??nD ??os??A

    You do realize that Al Gore is on the Apple Board of Directors, right?

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    Anyone else just like listening to Al Gore’s voice?

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    Yes, I do. And it does not change my opinion of the guy one bit. He is a charlatan, and should be treated as such.

  • Shameer Mulji

    I totally agree.  If anything, Apple having him on their Board hurts Apple’s image more than anything Gore’s.

  • ddevito

    Apple invents iTextbooks, Al Gore sues Apple since he invented it, then ensues to take them to court for copying him on inventing apps that connect the internet – he then asks for licensing agreement on the Internet.

    Gore and Apple deserve each other

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    Disqus sux

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    The only thing Al Gore inspires is boredom.

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    As soon as I read Al Gore’s name I instantly became disinterested. 


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    lol wow. Reading all the Gore hate is hilarious. he’s a freaking genius. best belive the quality of our lives would be better if he had won his election. Instead we got mr. jump-to-war and now we are in an economic downfall. AND the world is still dying.
     Al Gore is trying to save students and guarantee your precious ipad will stay important forever, but nooo… lol again.

  • Al

    So it seems this may be the launch of an Apple based textbook store. Except these textbooks will be a bit like the interactive PDFs you can now make with Adobe InDesign, except they will fully work on iPads and have a few fancy effects.

  • Al

    I think 80-90% of Europe agrees with you. Probably much more of the world too.

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    As soon as I read your name I became disinterested.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Al Gore is on Apple’s board, moron.

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    I just want to see the other half of the woman holding the iPad.