iConvert Turns Your iPad Into A Portable Scanning Station



Some bits and bobs of tech just never seem to go away entirely no matter how much tech you own, and just as you always need to have a printer around for that rare printout, there’s always a need to have access to a scanner to digitize the stray scrap of paper or mottled receipt.

With so many people now ditching their laptops for iPads, the iConvert aims to fill a niche. Featyring a front feeder adjustable from between 2- and 8.5-inches wide, the iConvert can scan almost anything normal sized you throw at it, and digitize them directly to your iPad’s picture folder as 300 DPIs.

Pretty swank for the mobile road warrior looking to keep his portfolio of documents as svelte as his iPad 2. Couple this with an OCR app, you’re all set. $150 when it goes on sale in February, courtesy of Brookstone.

  • JackWoodmansey

    I might get one of these. As a student it would be helpful to organise my notes as we aren’t allowed to write notes digitally in class which sucks. This could save me having to copy them up manually onto evernote.

  • prof_peabody

    The Doxie Go is a much better (and better looking) solution IMO.  

  • Corey L. Robertson

    But, doesn’t the iPad have a CAMERA?

  • Al

    The way it comes up on the screen, looking like its magically being transported into the iPad behind the glass. That’s awesome.

  • Al

    Nah, the effect of a real scanner is so much more clean and crisp, no lighting variations and so on. Also the resolution can be insanely high with a scanner.