Guy Gets Siri On iPod Touch After Restoring From iPhone 4S Backup



Since Apple launched Siri on the iPhone 4S back in October last year, hackers have been working their socks off to port the intelligent assistant to other iOS devices. But it seems all their hard work may have been wasted, because one guy claims he got Siri on his new iPod touch simply by restoring from an iPhone 4S backup.

AppleGordon” recently purchased a brand new white iPod touch and claims that instead of setting it up as a new device, he attempted to restore it from a backup of his iPhone 4S in iTunes. Once the process was complete, Gordon claims that Siri had been installed on his iPod.

The feature does not work because it cannot connect to Apple’s servers, and Gordon reports that it’s very buggy, causing the iPod to crash several times during the day. But the entire Siri interface is there, and Gordon claims that the Dictation feature works flawlessly.

It’s not just his iPod touch that has Siri, either. Gordon says that he also attempted the same thing with his Verizon iPhone 4 and managed to install Siri successfully on that, too.

And just in case you think that screenshot above has been pieced together by Gordon himself, here’s a video of the his iPod touch in action, courtesy of Cult of Mac contributor Michael Steeber:


While the video and the screenshots prove that Siri is installed on Gordon’s device, we’re skeptical that it was installed simply using an iPhone 4S backup. Gordon’s device is jailbroken, and although he takes us through the Settings menu to show that third-party Siri tweaks or hacks have not been installed, we still feel that there’s a little more to this than Gordon reports.

As iDownloadBlog notes, it’s not a good idea to try doing this yourself, because restoring one device from a different device’s backups is dangerous, and could result in a bricked handset.

  • Abdiel Crocamo Diaz


  • Tommy Winarta

    wow, it’s actually a great breakthrough if we can use Siri on our iTouch, way cheaper than buying a 4S, don’t you think?

  • joewaylo

    It’s a jailbroken restore. Not even a legitimate attempt of a restore with the 4S backup.
    * Cydia is spotted on there.
    * Activator, AndroidUnlockXT, Barrel, and WinterBoard are all Jailbroken apps

  • wirelessdeo

    I bet he is using something like MakeItMine to rename the carrier to say iPod.

  • steven

    If it can’t connect to Siri servers, the dictation wouldn’t “work flawlessly”. The dictation relies on a connection to the servers too. I call fake.

  • Jordan Clay

    Why would you want siri on your ipod that can only do dictation?   Just get Dragon Naturally.   I’m not buying it though.  If there was one red flag, I would be skeptical, but there are multiple red flags,  Cydia,  no connections with servers… the list goes on

  • David L. Clark

    Dude friggin breathes like a Tiger in heat…

  • Juan david Benincore

    I thought the same, but when he is scrolling down in settings I didn’t see the ´´Phone´´ Option!

  • João Andrade

    Could have been hidden with Springtomize or something similar.

  • AbdulHakim Mazouz

    The iPhone doesn’t have the Facetime on springboard, only on iPod Touch 4G, which he had. And springtomize can’t do such a thing. I still call it fake however, because he could’ve just have transferred the SIRI files over to the iPod Touch, and the dictation is a tweak you can get for free from Cydia, which works without connecting to apple servers.