See Exactly How They Make This Smart Wooden iPad Stand By Hand [Video]



I rather like the look of these handmade wooden iPad stands from Woodpad here in the UK.

Each one is made from a solid chunk of oak, maple, cherry or ash. Here’s a video showing in detail exactly how it’s done:

The Woodpad comes in a variety of forms: one for iPad, one for iPhone 3/3GS, and another for 4/4S. The iPad version has two slots, one at a 15 degree angle for viewing pictures, another at 26 degrees for playing games or working with an external keyboard.

Given the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into making these things, the £20 (approx $30) price looks like a bargain to me, and that includes free delivery worldwide.

(Thanks to the good folk of Underscore for this one.)

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    See Exactly How They Make This Smart Wooden iPad Stand By Hand [Video]I wish I could do that with my hands

  • Roberto Landaeta

    Actually, you could. You don’t require power tools to make two grooves on a piece of wood.

  • prof_peabody

    Seriously?  A “how it’s made” video for a piece of wood with slots in it?  

  • Boris

    To get the grooves with teeth is way more eco-friendly

  • Clark Wallace

    All you need is a saw, a chisel and some sandpaper to make this ..and a piece of wood of course. Maybe some nice danish oil to seal the wood depending on which kind you’ve chosen to work with.

  • Jordan Clay

    $30 for a chunk of wood?  I’ll pass, not really portable, not ingenious.  

    Should you do a full disclosure and put “Sponsored” on this post?

  • tudupka

    Could’ve called it – “See Exactly How They Make This Smart Wooden iPad Stand By Foot”

    It is power-tools all the way, by hand should have no power-tools involved

  • braoierd

    You can find perfect wooden ipadstands on this Dutch site and a lot cheaper too. Around 10 euro!!!

  • CarrieHD

    I have two of these WoodPads – one for an iPhone 4S and one for iPad 2.  I am absolutely delighted with both of them.  The quality and craftsmanship is excellent, and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the exact angles for the slots to avoid glare or to make it easy to watch a film on the iPad for example.  The depth of the slots are excellent too and give the right amount of support to the iPad or iPhone.  I think there is a lot more care and thought and design that goes into these products than first meets the eye.  They aren’t just “pieces of wood with slots in them”, they are properly designed and beautifully crafted additions to your valuable Apple gear.  I am very proud of mine.  In particular my cherry wood iPad stand looks beautiful on the cherry coffee table in my living room.  I’d recommend them – well worth the money.

  • pedrostephano

    I have had to reluctantly surrender ownership of my cherished iPhone woodpad to my wife who now uses it as a nightstand, as it usefully accomodates her 3GS with a cover on.  And it’s handmade to consistent measurements using intelligence and craftmanship.
    Lord knows all you “make it with handtools” criers would launch a diatribe if there were individual variations in the measurements! These fine videos show just how detailed the process is.
    Go on. Sell piles of them, all over the world, made with chisels. Phhht.
    Quality begets quantity. The woodpad is successful because it works. Like Apple products. Rock on woodpad.
    Must remember to order another………

  • Dave Solodukho

    Most of the shape cutting can be done with a single custom blade, like they do moldings. Still impressive, but too expensive.