Apple Discontinues $100 Printer Rebate Promotion For New Mac Purchases


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For years, you’ve always been able to buy a Mac and get a $100 rebate for a free printer from Apple. That is no longer the case. The “Buy a Mac, get a free printer” promotion has officially been discontinued by Apple starting today, January 17th.

Both 9to5Mac and MacRumors are reporting that Apple has ended its last available rebate program. The following email was sent out to employees:

Printer Rebates Ending on January 17

Effective Tuesday, January 17, the printer rebate will no longer be offered.

Monday, January 16 will be the last day customers can get a rebate on a qualifying printer when purchased with a Mac. Customers will have 90 days from the date of purchase to submit rebate claims. An additional 30 days will be given to correct invalid claims.

The Apple Retail Store and the Apple Online Store will continue to sell printers, albeit without a rebate offer.

U.S. and CA only: Wednesday, May 16 is the last day the online Apple Rebate Tool will be available to submit rebates. Customers should submit their claims according to the terms of the promotion.

Customers will still be able to buy printers in-store and online, of course. If you bought your Mac within the last 90 days you can still get your $100 printer rebate from Apple.

  • Jordan Clay

    Wow, this is really a shock, especially with Apple trying to do everything AirPrint and all.

  • Elsic1975a

    Honestly, though, this could save a ton of space in the stockrooms at Apple stores. A lot of people only got printers because they were free, and Apple rarely carried ink/toner or paper for them. Saving space in the stores for something that really drives sales and margins is a pretty smart move. It *is* shocking to see it end after about six years, though.

  • Jack Lynch

    Lucky I have like 4 unopened printers from this promotion in my basement. Just can’t pass up free printers 

  • Greg_in_Dallas

    I imagine most people are like me.  I bought a new Mac Mini but didn’t buy another printer.  The 4 yr old HP works fine and I use it less and less.  It’s the paperless office we all have heard about.

  • Gregintosh

    The free printer was one reason I bought my Macbook Air at the apple store versus on Amazon. I Figure Amazon was cheaper because of the sales tax, but the store had the free printer AND $100  iTunes credit which made up for it. Plus I’d have it “now” versus waiting for shipping. 

    Now, it would probably take a really, really good promotion to have me come back. My next mac will probably be bought on Amazon.

    Though I can see how this will indeed mean less stocking of printers. Or maybe an Apple printer coming soon? haha. Now that’d be something.

  • Angel YoDuh Castillo

    this was going on when i bought my 2011 MBP.ended up getting it too

  • GH