Steve Jobs To Be Inducted Into Creative Hall Of Fame Today In New York City


Dr. Andrew K. Przybylski tries to explain why we all mourned Steve Jobs's death
Dr. Andrew K. Przybylski tries to explain why we all mourned Steve Jobs's death

A mysterious education event isn’t the only thing that Apple will be a part of this week in New York City; Steve Jobs will be inducted into the Creative Hall of Fame tonight at a gala in Gotham Hall.

The One Club nonprofit organization will be honoring Jobs tonight for his contributions to the technology and liberal arts community.

Steve Jobs will be honored for a lifetime of contributions to design, branding and communications. As a visionary leader, his passion for design not only created products that changed the way we interact with technology and media, but changed the way we create content in media.

This historic occasion will be celebrated at Gotham Hall with cocktails, dinner and a presentation ceremony chaired by David Lubars, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at BBDO.

The presentation will show off many of the products Jobs introduced throughout the years, including the influence he had on Pixar. Besides his design work, the iconic ‘Think Diffferent’ advert from 1997 will also be played.

Other prominent creatives, including Paula Green and director Joe Pytka, will be inducted alongside Jobs at the gala tonight. Steve Jobs was recently awarded an honorary Grammy as well for his profound effect on the music industry.

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  • Duncan Hamilton

    Only $500 a ticket to attend this ground breaking event. Seems reasonable. Good to know that there is a Creative Hall of Fame and that it is being overseen by ‘the One Club’ What we need is more halls of fame. I’m sure Mr Jobs would be proud as punch if he wasn’t dead…