English-Speaking Countries Usually Get The Best Prices On Earth On New Apple Products



If you are looking for the best online deals from an Apple Store, it would pay to head to the United States, or any English-speaking store, a new analysis finds.

The analysis found both the U.S. and Singapore Apple Stores offer the best deals, considering the countries’ economies. The USA, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia all rank in the top eight countries for Apple Store prices, according to price comparison site siteidealo.co.uk.

The United Kingdom has the worst Apple Store prices of all English-speaking countries. Only the heavily-taxed Scandinavian Apple stores are more expensive. Apple prices in Brazil, the Czech Republic and Thailand are most expensive despite their economies as the world’s three poorest whilst maintaining an Apple Store presence.

However, anglophilia is not the rule when it comes to great Apple prices. The best deal from any online Apple stores on the planet can be found in Malaysia, the analysis reports.