Apple’s Next Retail Store Will Be Almost Entirely Transparent



It seems the refurbishment to Apple’s Fifth Avenue retail store in New York City may have been a practice run for something a little more elaborate. Take a look at the picture above; that’s a new Apple retail store that’s coming to France and it’ll be almost entirely transparent.

Almost all of its walls and its ceiling are made from glass, with the only exception being its rear wall which will be constructed from a “tan-colored” material. What that material will be is unclear, but it will presumably conceal the contents of the stock room and the secrets of being an Apple store employee.

Like other Apple renderings, you may not have known this was an Apple store if we hadn’t have told you. There are no Apple logos, no wooden tables, no aluminum desirables, and not one group of kids playing on iPod touches.

ifoAppleStore reports that this particular store has been designed to look like this for some very good reasons:

According to the magazine, the city required Apple to build to new earthquake standards, and harmonize with the surrounding picturesque streets. The city is in the south of France, and is favored by good weather and thousands of tourists each year. The area to the west of the future store has been recently reconstructed with many upscale shops from international retailers.

The store is set to open either late this year, or early 2013. Doesn’t it look wonderful?

  • Alec Burgdorf

    I wonder how much this is going to cost them…

  • Jonathon Wilson

    Hope they put stickers or something on the window otherwise I predict a lot of people accidentally walking into the wall.

  • Christopher Watson

    No where near the amount of the money they have …

  • recyclops117

    I do not want to be in there in an earthquake!

  • Al

    I was wondering why the rendering didn’t include an Apple logo, but the source says, “Typically for Apple, the rendering does not show any Apple-like features and there are no visible Apple logos.”

    So I guess it was a failed attempt to keep it secret. What a cool design, though! Insane!

  • ddevito

    They’re gonna need a lot more windex

  • NearOffice

    Alas, Microsoft has won the OS wars. Windows has been installed everywhere!

  • Mark Ezzo

    The rent for their grand central station store is $1million/month. The cost to build this store is insignificant when you have ~$60billion floating around. Their new HQ is barely going to scratch the surface of their cash reserves. Apple is taking over the world bro! haha

  • Kenneth W Collins

    Imagine having the Windex distributorship for Aix en Provence.

  • windsors

    Yes, Apple Stores appear to be trending toward more glass.

  • przemeq

    I expect the next one to be totally invisible!

  • c.t

    That would not be good, people would running into it (on accident) constantly.

  • hunter moss

    wow thats cool! but look at this really cool tweak for temple run

  • Hunter Moss
  • Hunter Moss
  • Mal Bakker

    With all the glass in these new stores how on earth are they going to control the climate without using heaps of power?
    No doubt sunscreen will now be part of an Apple Retail employees entitlements. 

  • LukealiciousX

    True. They have more money than the US government and at one time more than all the banks in Europe. They do have quite a lot of money and I mean like a LOT.