Cult Of Mac Says Why Microsoft Might Be The Next Apple On Macbreak [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 — Our very British Editor Leander and I were invited to sit in with Leo Laporte, Sarah Lane, and Alex Lindsay for Tuesday’s live episode of Macbreak Weekly. We had a hoot ‘n hollerin’ good time playing with new gadgets from the show floor, talking about this year’s trends in tech, and pondering how Microsoft just might be becoming the next Apple.

The full video is almost 80 minutes long, so feel free to skip around to all the good parts where it’s just me talking.

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6 responses to “Cult Of Mac Says Why Microsoft Might Be The Next Apple On Macbreak [CES 2012]”

  1. Dave says:

    The only thing Microsoft is going to be is the next Dell

  2. JeffChamber says:

    No those will break. You might want to buy MAC’s 15 Pro Colour Palette. You can purchase them at the pro store.

  3. FriarNurgle says:

    Wow, I haven’t watched their Podcast in a while. Damn you, Skyrim. Why are you so good? 

  4. ddevito says:

    easy to kick a horse when it’s down. Let’s see Apple fanboys when Windows Mobile products steal away form iOS market share.

  5. David A Stephens says:

    What a snarl.

  6. Hondamaker says:

    It’s kick a man when he’s down, not a horse. MS is good, but they’ll never be as slick as Apple. As a ‘proud’ Nexus owner, you have low standards anyway. LOL

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