FlickrBucket Makes Light Work Of Flickr Uploads [Review]



This is FlickrBucket, a cute one-dollar uploading utility I found on the Mac App Store this week.

It’s pretty simple: you drag some images on to it, and it uploads them to Flickr for you. One at a time or multiple images, it doesn’t mind.

If, like me, you’ve had a few problems with the official Flickr Uploader application since upgrading to Lion, you might find this a helpful and unobtrusive alternative.

It’s designed to help you share what you upload, and can automatically put useful stuff on your computer’s clipboard when the upload is complete. Take your pick from the photo’s URL, or HTML ready for pasting into website code, or Markdown, or BBCode for pasting on forums. Just like Flickr Uploader, it can also kick you back to your Flickr user page when uploads are done.

It also supports multiple accounts, for those of you with more Flickr than most.

I like this little app. It does what it’s supposed to quickly and with no fuss, and is certainly worth a dollar for frequent Flickr users.

[xrr rating=90%]

  • hanna

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