Sony Planning To Bring Music Unlimited Streaming Service To iOS Soon [CES 2012]


image via The Verge
image via The Verge

Sony is bringing its Music Unlimited service to iOS devices in the next three months. The Spotify-like service has been available on Android and PC devices, but Sony is looking to expand to the App Store.

Tim Schaaff, head of Sony Entertainment Network, told the press that an iPhone and iPad app for Music Unlimited is planned for a release in the coming months. Schaaff said that Music Unlimited already has 1 million users. The service currently offers 15 million tracks globally for instant streaming. The Premium plan with unlimited playback costs $9.99/month.

When asked how the Music Unlimited app would differ from its competitors, Schaaf and Sony’s Michael Aragon said that the company is aiming to take advantage of its major retail and international presence. The company will also be targeting users who have yet to adopt a cloud music service, instead of directly targeting those using competitors.

Like Spotify, the app will allow users to cache songs for offline listening (5GB to 6GB). We’re not sure how the service will set itself apart from the competition, but Sony seems to think that it has something worth offering in the App Store.

(via VentureBeat)