Case-Mate Shows Off Silly Looking ‘Build-It-Yourself’ iPhone Cases [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 — Odds are that giving away free stuff will attract people to your CES booth no matter how high the level of suckiness of said free product. Earlier this morning Case-Mate wasn’t even giving away free cases, they were giving away fragments of free cases, but their booth was still mobbed by an army of swag seeking CES attendees, proving once again that freebies and booth-girls are still a viable way to get your product a momentary flash of attention.

The concept of the case is something akin to LEGO blocks. Users can collect different colored pieces and then mix & match to create color configurations. It takes 4 pieces to build a complete case. Pieces slide together and then snap over the iPhone to provide protection, but the cases feel more like a cheap toy than something for everyday use. A kit of six pieces retail for $35 in limited supply, but unsurprisingly, Case-Mate has already discontinued production after dismal initial sales.