8MM Movies And Private Audiences With Steve Jobs Inspire Ex-NeXT Programmer To Give Us Givit [CES 2012]


  • ddevito

    NeXT saved Apple. How crazy would it have been if Apple did indeed choose BSD to lead the OS X development efforts rather than the NeXT OS?

    Apple may have been an open source company.

    I just blew your minds.

  • Steve Lawrence

    Hmmm… nice idea but there’s a couple of issues. First, people that want to share with closed audiences at the moment are currently using YouTube and either marking the videos as private or making them unlisted, and sharing them that way. I have quite a library already that I share with my family so I’d be wary about jumping ship to a new service and starting a whole new library, leaving my old behold. 

    Second, the 2GB limit seems quite small considering the size of video files. I don’t want to delete as I go, and I don’t want to pay for more when YouTube is free (and probably always will be).

    Lastly, if this really does take off and starts to make a dent in YouTube user numbers, what’s to stop YouTube just refining the process of sharing videos privately? If they did that there would simply be no reason to look elsewhere…

  • Greg Kostello

    Hi Steve,A big part of Apple’s vision is on making complex activities easy. Givit follows that vision by making the workflow of private sharing simple and straightforward. Private video sharing isn’t something that you have to think about with Givit – video sharing is private by default. It’s the opposite of YouTube where you have to take action to make something private. The 2GB limit is very similar to Dropbox – it’s enough to get you going to see if you really like the service. Casual users will probably find it more than adequate.  And just like Dropbox, it is only the users that find the service very useful that end up opting for the premium service.We love YouTube but the primary use for YouTube is public distribution of content. The experience is optimized around that and it should be. The YouTube IOS apps are all about watching video – not uploading and sharing.  Givit is different – the IOS apps are ALL about sharing and creating a private conversation around your video. I encourage you to try the service. It’s free to try. I think you will find the overall experience very different from YouTube. Please give it a try – we welcome your feedback.