Ripping Audio From Video Files In OS X [Video How-To]



QuickTime X in OS X includes quite a few hidden gems to make previously tedious tasks simple. One great example is it’s built in ability to rip audio from nearly any video file. In this video, that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do.

  • markfour

    My version of q/time x working on snow leopard does not have EXPORT or DUPLICATE . Why not?

  • kylereddoch

    It is only available in the new version of OSX (Lion).

  • markfour

    Thanks , however  Leopard was mentioned in the audio instruction video as able to do. many thanks

  • steveb9124

    Two complaints: (1) it took a 3 minute 11 second video to instruct us on a one-step process? Come on, guys. All it would have taken is a 1-sentence paragraph: Open your movie in QuickTime Player X, then choose File > Export and choose the Audio Only option. BOOYAH. (2) It’s a problem to me that QuickTime Player X can only export to M4A which is usually a compressed format. QuickTime Player 7 used to be able to export directly to AIFF or WAV. For various reasons I need the ability to export to uncompressed formats, so I have to use a separate third-party utility to extract the audio to uncompressed.